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I-485 case:
United States
25 Nov 2005
30 Jun 2007
02 Jul 2007
31 Aug 2007
25 Sep 2005
24 Sep 2007
13 Oct 2009
Signature missing on the I-693 Medical Examination.
14 Oct 2009
too early to say
03 Nov 2016
10 Oct 2007
15 Oct 2007
102 days
107 days
86 days
3414 days
Applied for EAD Renewal for 2 Year waiting for New Cards since September 15 2010 it has been 100+ days.
30 Nov -0001
10 Nov 2016
Applied for EAD Renewal for 2 Year waiting for New Cards since September 15 2010 it has been 100+ days.

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Posted by somu
29 Oct 2007 #1
Did you receive your yet?
Posted by somu
29 Oct 2007 #2
sorry, Did you receive your AP yet?
Posted by Dksuri
30 Oct 2007 #3
Yes we received the AP between 19-21 October
Posted by jets
14 Nov 2013 #4
Really? 6+ years since you applied for I485?? Sorry to hear that. Did you check with them?
Posted by zadeh
27 Feb 2014 #5
Is you case still pending?
Posted by Dksuri
20 Jul 2014 #6
After almost 7+ years we still waiting for the green card to come, some people have received their cards in May 2014 who's priority dates were after our too. We are hoping that there would be something dramatic going to happen that would change this process of waiting forever.
Posted by waliabcd
03 Mar 2017 #7
Sorry to hear about it. Any idea why it got denied?
Posted by Dksuri
03 Mar 2017 #8
It's about the Company's ability to pay the Probable Wages, we have filed I-290B for a Supervisor's Review (this is done in Mesa, AZ) on December 5th 2016 which again came back as Status Quo on February 21st 2017. Now we are in process to file another I-290B for an Administrative Review (this is done in Washington D.C.) with all the possible information that proves that the Company is Business for 28 years and have a running payroll of Million Dollar with 200+ people working since the beginning. Keeping our figure crossed to ensure that we get our GC. Thank You for your concern please pray for us.
Posted by Dksuri
02 May 2017 #9
March 5th we filled I-290B Appeal in the AAO in Washington DC sent initial paperwork to Mesa, AZ, they sent it first to Vermount Service Center on March 24th & on March 26th it was sent back to Texas Service Center. On April 14th we further filled supporting evidence paperwork to Washington DC & Mesa, AZ and now finally we received confirmation that the paperwork & appeal is accepted at the AAO (Administrative Appeal Office Department of State) in Washington DC on April 27th 2017. Now we are praying & waiting for a positive result as we had invested 17 years of our life in US & even if we want it would be impossible to think of any other place to live. Thank You for your support & please pray for us.
Posted by waliabcd
02 May 2017 #10
You'll get it approved... sending prayers... all the best...

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