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I-485 case: Approved in 139 days (508 days less than average)
01 Oct 2015
17 Nov 2015
18 Nov 2015
23 Nov 2015
12 Oct 2015
22 Jan 2016
18 Mar 2016
Evidence to show continuation of work in field of extraordinary ability. This could be a currently dated letter from employer, copies of research publications, copies of awards, honors, fellowships etc.
25 Mar 2016
04 Apr 2016
07 Apr 2016
11 Apr 2016
26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016
02 Feb 2016
02 Feb 2016
70 days
70 days
66 days
139 days
03 Feb 2016
11 Apr 2016

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Posted by vallavan36
30 Mar 2016 #1
Hi, do you have any idea why you got RFE. Is this self petition right (Eb1A). Why they required letter from employer. I applied I-485 December 09, 2016. PD: Nov 16, 2016. Nebraska. I am worried. If you like please contact via [email protected].

Posted by croak811
30 Mar 2016 #2
An RFE at the I-485 stage for showing that you continue to be engaged in your field of extraordinary ability is not uncommon for EB1A applicants. Please see other EB1A applications in the Trackitt case tracker. Although not required, I had filed a letter from my employer as part of my EB1A I-140 petition in October and applied for my I-485 only a month later - so this RFE did come as somewhat of a surprise. However, it was easy to respond to with another currently dated letter from my employer.
Posted by raj54112
07 Apr 2016 #3
Congrats on your 485 approval!!
Please update your tracker!!
Posted by vallavan36
06 Jun 2016 #4
Is your GC employer-sponsored EB1A? if it is ok for your RFE? If it is self-petition then not required letter right.
Posted by croak811
07 Jun 2016 #5
My EB1A was self petitioned. One of the EB1A criteria I had used in my petition was "employed in a critical or essential capacity for an organization that has a distinguished reputation." As a result, several of my recommendation letters were from people in my current and previous organizations. As a result, my current employer was fully aware of my petition. As mentioned previously, an RFE at the I-485 stage for showing that you continue to be engaged in your field of extraordinary ability is not uncommon for EB1A applicants. The simplest way for me to respond was to get a currently dated letter from my employer and subsequently, the GC approval came in a week's time. I am not aware of your circumstances and can only advise you to talk to your immigration lawyer.
Posted by SS112
08 Jun 2016 #6
Hi croak811,

My I-485 was filed with spouse and kid on Jan 29, 2016. I also got exactly similar I-485 RFE like you on May 23. "I have filed my I-485 without the help of lawyer. I belongs to EB-1A catagory and my I-140 was approved on March 2015. I am greatly worried of now. I need a great favor from you. If you like please contact me via [email protected]
Posted by 1978bubun
26 Sep 2016 #7
Dear friend,
I need some help for filing my EB1A. Would you mind connecting at [email protected]. Thanks a lot in advance!!


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