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I-485 case: Approved in 97 days (550 days less than average)
26 Aug 2000
05 Nov 2000
05 Dec 2000
29 Mar 2000
01 Sep 2000
01 Aug 2000
10 Feb 2001
17 Feb 2001
05 Oct 2011
21 Oct 2004
3986 days
96 days
97 days
incorrect details. ignore.
13 Oct 2016
07 May 2017
incorrect details. ignore.

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Posted by AB01
07 Feb 2017 #1
Still no update? Hope you get some good news soon.
Posted by MasterOfNone
10 Feb 2017 #2

Like you I applied just for AP. Do you know if someone applies only for AP, it will take longer than combo card? Have you received yours yet? Also, I am thinking of sending I-765 and requesting a combo card. Any pros and cons of this approach? Thanks.
Posted by inglewood
11 Feb 2017 #3
not sure. i applied for my AP on Nov 10th. It still has not arrived which is weird, as it's been past 90 days. I am not sure why the AP has not been processed, is there some super long background check that's just got it stuck or is it that they are ignoring it for some other reason.
Posted by sz5623
18 Feb 2017 #4
Hi Batsy71, in one of your posts you mentioned "Your RFE has given me some peace of mind too. Yours was the 3rd case of EB1-I, I know of, where 485 saw movement after 1 yr + 1-2 weeks of wait" ... I do have similar opinion, as per my observation of cases in this tracker. Do you think, per your observation, this applies to applicants of EB2 row? Please let me know .. ( Thanks )..
Posted by inglewood
18 Feb 2017 #5
> Do you think, per your observation, this applies to applicants of EB2 row?

Yes. There is a high likelihood, USCIS would follow the same policy for ROW applicants stuck in extended review too. I mostly remember EB1-I cases as it's my category so easy to remember and also a personal friend who experienced the same timeline. You can verify this theory by checking trackitt tracker for ROW 485s stuck for > 270 days and > 5 months after I140 approval.

However, do note that there are a few users here on trackitt from Iran, Pakistan like lallee and metalheaddude whose cases are taking longer than 400 days, so in a few rare cases, USCIS does take really long maybe based on applicant's background, commonality of name etc.
Posted by AB01
23 Feb 2017 #6
Congratulations! I feel atleast one highly deserved applicant got approved today. Best of luck.
Posted by EB1Ass
23 Feb 2017 #7
Congrats Batsy71!Wish you the very best. Hopefully I can see the light at the end of the tunnel soon as well.
Posted by mac89
24 Feb 2017 #8
wohoo --- I logged in after few days and am very glad to know that your got approved!! You have been an immense help for me!!
Congrats and best of luck with everything :-)
Posted by farshid02
29 Mar 2017 #9
Hi man, I was goung to nessage when I received text message, I hope it's a good thing. Both my wife and myself received RFE text message, and I hope it is medical. Still waiting to receive the mail.
Posted by farshid02
31 Mar 2017 #10
Hi batsy, I received RFE, both cases want to renew medical, letter of employment from new employer for myself and G325A for wife, nothing bad at all :)
Posted by inglewood
31 Mar 2017 #11
yes. but do hurry with providing the details, so all of this ends asap. you were one of the last people i know from around my RD. Glad to see everyone getting to finish finally.
Posted by farshid02
05 May 2017 #12
Hi buddy, RFE package was sent on Wednesday to USCIS. Waiting for the result, cross fingers
Posted by farshid02
09 May 2017 #13
I have got message from USCIS that on May 5th, they have received the RFE material, how long usually takes to respond to RFE? 2 weeks or 2 months?
Posted by inglewood
09 May 2017 #14
typically takes 1 week - 1 month. if you don't hear back within a month, raise an SR.
Posted by farshid02
16 May 2017 #15
Hey batsy, Yesterday my case got approved and today my wife's case :) I've got my redemption finally
Posted by farshid02
17 May 2017 #16
Hi batsy, thanks for all the support, hope and wisdom you shared here. You were my source of information and so many times motivation to stay hopeful. I like to connect with you in LinkedIn if you also like it. My email is [email protected], if you think it's a good idea, please send me email to exchange LinkedIn IDs :)

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