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I-485 case: Approved in 445 days (202 days less than average)
08 Aug 2016
03 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016
06 Sep 2017
15 Nov 2016
16 Nov 2017
Expired Medicals... Over 1 year of filling
27 Nov 2017
22 Dec 2017
28 Dec 2017
02 Jan 2018
43 days
445 days
It was a long and tiring journey. Received Medical RFE, raise 2 SRs on 485, which I believe helped to push through the case. Great people to support and keep hope alive.
15 Nov 2016
03 Jan 2018
It was a long and tiring journey. Received Medical RFE, raise 2 SRs on 485, which I believe helped to push through the case. Great people to support and keep hope alive.

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Posted by siddv
14 May 2017 #1
Hello GCin2017,

Need some urgent guidance. From the forum, I saw you had some expertise in this matter.
Hoping you have some more information than me and we can help each other out.

On Friday, i got my RFE on my 485 for my whole family.
Given the June retrogression, do u think i have a shot at making it before GC closes again till Oct. I only have 13 days.

If you have additional experience on medical RFE, can you please help prepping me to expedite the process
1. Will the RFE paperwork come to me or to the lawyer.
2. Can i submit the medical directly to USCIS
3. I am guessing the RFE paperwork will come by mid next week(if directly to me), can i start early and book the doctor’s appointment early next week and get it done before this week. Does the doctor need anything from the RFE paperwork like form or envelope
4. Will i have to do all the tests again. I did complete gonorrhea test on Friday
5. I have followed this thread for a long time, but is there another thread anyone can point to where they discuss this in more detail

Any other guidance would be appreciated.
Feel free to reach out to me, if you want to discuss further. I am in California.

[email protected]
Posted by prince123
19 Sep 2017 #2
Will USCIS process 485 for EB1C or they will wait till Oct 1th?
Posted by GCin2017
20 Sep 2017 #3
They will wait till Oct 1st, as there is retrogression for India and China till 30th September.
Posted by prince123
20 Sep 2017 #4
Thanks. In forums see some people getting interview request so was wondering how they are getting processed.
Posted by siddv
20 Sep 2017 #5
Which thread are you following. Are they EB2/EB3 people getting interviews or from other countries?
Posted by prince123
21 Sep 2017 #6
I485 Interview Schedule/Experience" in Trackit. Most of them are EB2-ROW. But few got interview during retro
Posted by GCin2017
21 Sep 2017 #7
As per USCIS interview process has to start from October 1 for employment based requests. I am not sure if one who are getting the interview dates belong to employment category. We need to wait till October to see how things proceed.
Posted by GCin2017
21 Sep 2017 #8
I am thinking to start a new thread for EB1C - 485 cases.. I will post it soon
Posted by prince123
22 Sep 2017 #9
Yeah thats a good idea. As per this https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/visa-availability-priority-dates/visa-retrogression it starts Oct 1st.
Posted by Ricky2016
09 Nov 2017 #10
hi, i am reaching out to you asking for some advise. I had an Infopass appointment today and it was not useful. My question is, can I raise a SR today? while creating a SR, it asks for "Last action on the case" and it's mandatory field. If I mention that I had an Appointment with USCIS, will it be a problem? Any advise is appreciated..
Posted by GCin2017
17 Nov 2017 #11
Sorry Ricky2016... Didn't saw this message earlier.. I hope you had already raised the SR. You need to mention "Last Action Date on the case" as displayed on the status of your case, mostly "Fingerprint received date" ...
Posted by Ricky2016
20 Nov 2017 #12
hey no problem. I know how busy we all are and how we make some time to read through the Trackitt blog.. I got the RFE notification last Thursday and expecting to receive the details today or tomorrow. I hope the RFE is only for medicals..

I saw that you got the RFE too and its only for medicals. Did you already submit the medicals to USCIS?

I wish you good luck. Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by SaiBaba999
04 Dec 2017 #13
Can you please advise on below

My PD - 8/12/16, i-140 Approved - 10/30/17, I-485 RD - 10/3/2016
SR submitted on 11/15/17, today received an update "On December 4, 2017, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, referral number SR???????????????NSC, was completed"
Per email, SR closed with comments - your application is currently pending and has been pre-adjudicated.
Final review by an officer is dependent upon approval of the form I-140 as well as visa availability based on your category and priority date.

1) Does this mean, my I-140 status still reading RFE-Response received impacting I-485 processing?
2) Is there any way (like SR) my attorney can submit to change the I-140 status to approved?
3) Now that this SR is closed, can I open another SR?
4) Is there any way I can mention that my I-140 is approved while submitting a new SR?

Thanks in advance
Posted by GCin2017
04 Dec 2017 #14
Hi, If I read correctly, your case is not yet queued to an officer yet. Currently there is 2 to 3 months wait period post I140 approval before a 485 case is touched. So you might get a good news before Christmas or Year End.
As per website, you can only raise a request post 30 days, however when I tried to raise it, system didn't allowed me. It may be due to the reason that my case was already under review by an officer. But you can raise an SR again. I believe there is a comment section, you can put the remark there.
Posted by SaiBaba999
06 Dec 2017 #15
Thanks for the reply
I'll wait for 30 days past my old SR closure, and submit a new one, i.e. on 1/5/2018
Thanks again
Posted by JollyV
03 Jan 2018 #16

Have a question... Did you raise an RFE after they received your RFE response? If so, how long did you wait?
My response was received on Nov 22nd and I havent heard anything yet. Any suggestions?

Enjoy your green life
Thank you.
Posted by GCin2017
03 Jan 2018 #17
Yes. I raised the SR after RFE response was submitted. I raised on 12th Dec, it was assigned to officer on 19th and close on 22nd, the same day I got approval.

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