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I-485 case: Pending for 2816 days (-2168 days more than average)
29 Oct 2015
13 Jun 2016
13 Jun 2016
20 Jun 2016
25 Mar 2016
2801 days
19 Nov 2016
26 Mar 2017

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Posted by Hari11
26 Feb 2017 #1
Hi... any updates on your case since SR?
Posted by txwarrior
26 Mar 2017 #2
Is your bc done ?
Posted by sz5623
28 Mar 2017 #3
No Update till now Hari, what about yours, keep us posted please when you do another infopass.

I had an info-pass recently, but all i was informed was my case needs additional time to be processed. Not much information,

I am guessing we should be seeing some movement within 2 months,

I think it is pending hence the delay, how about you ?
Posted by txwarrior
28 Mar 2017 #4
Mine is also stuck In bc as my spouse is from Pakistan so that will cause a lot of delay , but I see a few of them getting approved early so I hope I get cleared soon .
Posted by sz5623
28 Mar 2017 #5
@ txwarrior, is your spouse primary or dependent on 485 application, if dependent, then it is possible you may get approval earlier,
Posted by sz5623
28 Mar 2017 #6
@ txwarrior, not necessarily you will get delayed due to nationality, was checking a profile recently he/she got approved in 153 days, so just hope for the best, your journey will end soon :)

Posted by txwarrior
28 Mar 2017 #7
Posted by txwarrior
26 Apr 2017 #8
Any movement ?
Posted by Artt
26 Apr 2017 #9
Just want to let u guys know. I got my wife's green card yesterday. Her case was the simplest one. It stuck in the name check and she had to wait for six more months. I primary got approved on Oct 22, 2016. Both Pak with Canadian pass. Details in profile.
I will advise you to wait and focus on your life it's just matter of time not worth much to worry about it. You will get your card once BC checks are done. Salam
Posted by Hari11
15 Oct 2017 #10
Hi 5623: Any luck, any RFE or anything at all?
Posted by sz5623
13 Nov 2017 #11
Hey Hari, Nothing yet .. wait game continues ..

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