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I-485 case: Approved in 189 days (458 days less than average)
12 Nov 2015
01 Nov 2016
02 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016
27 Aug 2016
05 Dec 2016
09 May 2017
05 Feb 2017
05 Feb 2017
96 days
96 days
34 days
189 days
Spouse AOS application is still pending.
21 Nov 2016
10 May 2017
Spouse AOS application is still pending.

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Posted by shenseb
21 Dec 2016 #1
Hi. Have you received fingerprint date?
Posted by notjiried
10 Jan 2017 #2
@shenseb: Yes, finished fingerprinting in November (same month as RD).
Posted by gcwarrior16
20 Jan 2017 #3
chane fp year pls, says dec 2017
Posted by rasn
03 May 2017 #4
I was looking for a way to contact you...Your case is very similar to that of mine...I was hoping to see my GC approved after yours, based on the dates. Looks like my last leg was faster.
Good luck!
Posted by notjiried
03 May 2017 #5
@rasn: I'd still love to get more details about your case: do you have an email I could reach you at?
Posted by rasn
03 May 2017 #6
Not sure about posting my email.
Share your email or help me with your number. I am free and can talk better, now.
Posted by notjiried
03 May 2017 #7
Email me at notjiried [at] protonmail.com - I'll share more details over email.
Posted by jewelen
09 May 2017 #8
Can you share me your case number committing last few digits?
Posted by shenseb
10 May 2017 #9
Congrats.! With the dates now back to 2012, I just missed the bus.
Posted by notjiried
11 May 2017 #10
@shenseb - bad luck! I know it sucks to wait, but October is right around the corner, so do persevere. I wish you the best and hopefully you'll be greened soon :)
Posted by shenseb
11 May 2017 #11
I got an RFE today on both mine and my wife's 485. Dont know the reasons yet, have to wait until the mail arrives. Hoping for the best.

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