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I-485 case: Approved in 401 days (246 days less than average)
09 Feb 2016
10 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016
18 Feb 2017
18 Nov 2016
30 Sep 2017
Medical expired, birth certificate, Supplement J
19 Oct 2017
15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017
24 Nov 2017
18 Jan 2017
100 days
39 days
401 days
(11/15) - Primary approved. Spouse pending. (9/25)-Case pre-adjudicated, Final review waiting for visa availability. (2/17) Added premium processing for I-140 in Feb 2017, approved in 3 days.
24 Feb 2017
27 Nov 2017
(11/15) - Primary approved. Spouse pending. (9/25)-Case pre-adjudicated, Final review waiting for visa availability. (2/17) Added premium processing for I-140 in Feb 2017, approved in 3 days.

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Posted by jewelen
04 Apr 2017 #1
Any update on your case. Are you planning to file an SR?
Posted by waliabcd
04 Apr 2017 #2
No update since Oct 2016 - Fingerprint Fee Was Received. I got my I 140 approved 1.5 month ago, so I am thinking to continue waiting for another month before trying anything. Besides, they won't probably accept an SR since its not 180 days yet.

Good luck to your case.
Posted by jewelen
06 Apr 2017 #3
Any luck?
Posted by waliabcd
11 Apr 2017 #4
I wish I could say yes. Its 181 days so far, I guess I need to wait more. How about you?
Posted by jewelen
11 Apr 2017 #5
Nothing yet, I noticed some November month filling got approved. Scheduled an infopass appointment on later this week.
Posted by waliabcd
28 Apr 2017 #6
I had a Infopass appointment on April 24. The officer said the case is still pending background check.
Posted by jewelen
28 Apr 2017 #7
I had infopass appointment few days back, they said my BC is done, rescheduled another one for my wife. BTW which field are you working on.
Posted by jewelen
10 May 2017 #8
Hi There, Any luck?
Posted by waliabcd
11 May 2017 #9
Nothing! Still waiting. How about yours'? You should be getting your's by now, I suppose.
Posted by jewelen
11 May 2017 #10
Not yet, I think they just started processing Nov cases, so it may take some more time.
Posted by jewelen
04 Aug 2017 #11
Hi, no luck yet? My case got approved.
Posted by waliabcd
04 Aug 2017 #12
Congratulations jewelen. Glad that that your case got approved.

I am still waiting. Mine is EB2, and its seems EB2 has been oversubscribed and got retrograded to October 2017. Few more months of waiting to go, I suppose.
Posted by waliabcd
25 Sep 2017 #13
Received the following response from USCIS via attorney -

"U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) records indicate your application is currently pending and has been pre-adjudicated. Final review by an officer is dependent upon approval of the Form I-140 as well as visa availability based on your category and priority date. Please keep your mailing address current to avoid missing any correspondence or notices"

My I-140 was approved in Feb 2017, don't understand why they are referring it. Any thoughts? Thank you.
Posted by JollyV
25 Sep 2017 #14
Well, it seems that once EB2 becomes current in Oct 1st you might get it. My case is similar to yours, but I have not contacted USCIS, I am hoping to get some good news soon

Posted by waliabcd
06 Oct 2017 #15
We received RFE for birth certificate and medical at the end of Sept. My attorney is still working on the response. How about you? Wishing you best.

@737187: All the best bud.
Posted by JollyV
06 Oct 2017 #16
I feel so happy for you, that RFE means you will be green soon :)
Posted by JollyV
06 Oct 2017 #17
How long did USCIS take to reply to your service request? My lawyer submitted an inquiry this Monday.
Posted by waliabcd
09 Oct 2017 #18
@737187: Thank you. It took over 2 months to get the SR reply. My attorney managed it.

@nihonarifu: Wishing you best.
Posted by JollyV
16 Nov 2017 #19
Enjoy your green life :)
Posted by waliabcd
20 Nov 2017 #20
Thank you 737187. I hope and wish you get yours approved very very soon.

Thank you everyone for all the wishes. You are great.
Posted by jewelen
20 Nov 2017 #21
Did you get any interview?

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