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I-485 case: Approved
07 Jul 2006
08 Aug 2006
10 Aug 2006
02 Oct 2006
29 Aug 2006
too early to say
09 Oct 2007
0 days
LUD 10/05 after 1-140 approval (pp)
30 Nov -0001
13 Oct 2007
LUD 10/05 after 1-140 approval (pp)

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Posted by baretlaw
20 Oct 2006 #1
I-140 was approved on October 2nd after I upgraded it to premium processing. I had an LUD on 10/5 (probably due to the 1-140 approval) and nothing new so far.
Posted by wjsonn
26 Oct 2006 #2
FBI security check would be done within 3-4 days for about 80% of all 485 and within 2 months for other 10% and longer than 6 months for last 10%. Only speaking of eb2 485 Texas with 140 approval through premium, for 80% cases, 485 might be approved within 1 week or 5 weeks since more recent one between 140 approval and FP. For other 10%, it might take about 2 months more than normal case. In the last 10%, people might need much more patience.
It's just my thought.
Good luck!
Posted by baretlaw
28 Oct 2006 #3
I think that i'm stuck with a name check. my I 140 was approved in Premium Processing and I had LUD October 5. it's almost a month and nothing is happening, no LUD and thank god no RFE's. I wish there was a way to know if that's the case.
Posted by hxphxp12
07 Nov 2006 #4
Guys, what is Info pass appointment? How can I get it? Thanks so much!
Posted by baretlaw
11 Nov 2006 #5
Hi hxphxp12,

I sent you a message with the wrong instructions. to make an infopass appointment go to www.uscis.gov; you will see an infopass logo on the left side of the screen; press this link and follow the instruction. good luck.
Posted by hxphxp12
12 Nov 2006 #6
Thanks so much. I'll try to set an apt. My 140 was approved on 9/26... Still no any news on 485:(
Posted by baretlaw
14 Nov 2006 #7
I went to Infopass appointment today and to my surprise I found out that my case was sent to Nabraska on October 7the. I only way i could find out about it was thourgh Infopass, thus I assume there are many applicant who think (like I did) that their case is in Texas because the receipt notice is from Taxas while their case is actually being processed in Nabraske.
Posted by hxphxp12
14 Nov 2006 #8
Thanks, baretlaw! I got Infopass apt on Friday. Was officer helpful? How long your apt continued? Did they give you more info like if your applicatgion is with an officer and also approxinate timeline of what is done and needs to be done, etc. Thanks much!
Posted by baretlaw
15 Nov 2006 #9
they don't give you alot of information or when the case will be completed but you may find if your name check is cleared or where is your case at this time (like mind was sent back to Nabraske).
Posted by hxphxp12
17 Nov 2006 #10
I went to infopass apt today. I was told my I-485 is pending security check, so they didn't even start security check. They also couldn't find my I-140 (it was approved on 9/26/06, but still shows up as not approved in their web site), so I am worried now. Thanks again and good luck to you.
Posted by baretlaw
17 Nov 2006 #11

you have nothing to worry about. it's not unusual that the don't know what's going on. As long as you are in the normal processing time and you don't get RFE you are O.K. the biggest problem is to get the I-140 approved once you past this obsticle its just a matter of time. good luck.
Posted by hxphxp12
17 Nov 2006 #12
Thanks, baretlaw, for kind words. If I can convince my lawyer to follow up to make sure I-140 shows up OK and approved at their end, it would be great. If not I guess I have to wait to see what will happen.
Posted by hope2007
06 Mar 2007 #13
Hi baretlaw

Can u please tell me how long name check takes time and ur case still stuck in name check or its done,
my case pp 140 and 485 stuck in TSC more then 40 days now becuase of name check, please tell me how long i have to wait. if u have any info , Thanks,

Posted by baretlaw
21 Mar 2007 #14
HI Hope2007,

I knew that my name check was done when I went to an inpopass appointment. the officer was nice and he told me. Anyway my case was transfer to Miami for an interview on Feb. 1, 2007 and I'm still waiting for an interview notice. Good luck with you case.

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