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I-485 case: Pending for 2422 days (-1775 days more than average)
24 Aug 2014
05 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017
05 Sep 2017
17 Nov 2017
20 Feb 2018
"Curtesey letter" to bring medical to interview.
08 Jan 2018
18 Mar 2018
17 Mar 2018
23 Mar 2018
23 Mar 2018
164 days
163 days
43 days
2412 days
Dependent AP received Dec28, 17 (EAD not applied). Case is ready for interview email: 4/24/18, current status:"not available".
24 Oct 2017
20 Apr 2018
Dependent AP received Dec28, 17 (EAD not applied). Case is ready for interview email: 4/24/18, current status:"not available".

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Posted by harapatta18
25 Oct 2017 #1
Hi Datta,
We are almost couple of days apart in processing, let me know when you receive your fingerprint notice. I think field office also make it difference now as we have to go through interview process, mine will be Los Angeles FO. I have couple of questions for you does your receipt number start with LIN18900XXXXX am not sure what 900 is was assuming that the 3 digit number would be working day but I guess its not the case. and is your case status shown online mine is not showing up online
Posted by phantea
01 Mar 2018 #2
do you know what's the next status after getting "Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction"?
Posted by GCMar2017
20 Apr 2018 #3
Any update on your case? what is your local field office? interview still not scheduled?
Posted by pretwait
20 Apr 2018 #4
My FO is Des Moines, Iowa. No interview notice yet. Online status- "not available"!
Posted by permgcs
25 Jul 2018 #5
Hi, you 140 PD and 485 filing dates are close to mine, my case details in tracked (Eb1C), did you receive the interview notice? I am still waiting
Out field offices processing dates(timelines) are also pretty similar, my FO is Sacramento CA
Posted by sumi78
15 Aug 2018 #6
Hi, I am also in the same condition, error in I-485. My interview has not yet scheduled so please after your interview could you please update how did it go through.
I am planning to hire a lawyer just for that error so the worst scenario can be handled by the expert.
Good luck for your upcoming interview.
Posted by pretwait
15 Aug 2018 #7
Did you file I485 with attorney? If you have all supporting documents to correct the error you might not need expensive lawyer at interview.
Posted by sumi78
15 Aug 2018 #8
No, i filed by myself. Yes I have collected all supporting document but just to be on safe side.
thank you.
Posted by anhle8704
29 Aug 2018 #9
Hi pretwait, how was your interview at Des Moines? My field is also Des Moines. My case was transferred on June 19, 2018 and I am still waiting for my interview schedule. Do you mind sharing your interview experience? Thank you in advance.
Posted by sandy981
13 Oct 2018 #10
Congrats Pretwait. I had my interview on Sep 4th and the USCIS notice in first week of October was returned by USCIS as I just moved out of my older apartment. Could you share what kind of information they provide on the notice ? I am guessing my case was transferred to NBC. I wonder if they mention that your case is tentatively approved or your case must be reviewed. Also, who produces the card , NBC ? Thanks so much.
Posted by pretwait
13 Oct 2018 #11
It is a plain white paper notice with USCIS logo and stamp- mentioned due to visa retrogression the case is transfer to NBC. That's it, no mention of any other terms.
Hope it helps.
Posted by kapoorrishabh
15 Oct 2018 #12
We seem to have pretty similar filing dates. What is the latest you have heard with your case? All of the petitions from india are moving with a snales pace.
Posted by tictoc
09 Jan 2019 #13
Buddy you should update the status since you already received it. Interesting to see people who visited here almost daily for years can't manage to update their case after the approval.

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