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I-485 case: Approved
15 Aug 2006
05 Sep 2006
05 Oct 2006
17 Oct 2006
24 Nov 2006
08 Apr 2008
08 Apr 2008
0 days
NC initiated on 11/14/06. Stuck. Wrote to senator/cogressman on 01/10/08. Going to file WOM in about one month
30 Nov -0001
08 Apr 2008
NC initiated on 11/14/06. Stuck. Wrote to senator/cogressman on 01/10/08. Going to file WOM in about one month

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Posted by pirin
16 Oct 2006 #1
Hello, did you receive your FP notice yet? Any LUDs? Why is it taking so long in Nebraska?
Posted by vbank
16 Oct 2006 #2
not yet. They actually entered my case into system on Oct, 3rd. (1 month after I sent my app). Usually it takes 3 weeks to receive FP notice, so I expect that by end of Oct.

Nebraska is very slow comparing to Texas.
Posted by odessa
17 Jan 2008 #3
Hey, how much do you get charged by your lawyerfor the WOM? Did you actually read the cases that he won? They are supposed to be public records.
Posted by odessa
17 Jan 2008 #4
I am still holding WOM as a last resort, may be I will change your mind in 3 months if nothing happens.
Posted by vbank
17 Jan 2008 #5
Why do you hold it actually? Don't want to waste money and time?
Posted by odessa
17 Jan 2008 #6
Well, I still have hope that NC will be done sooner then later. I am still not convinced that it would work 100%, here read the cases that god dismissed. http://www.ailf.org/lac/clearinghouse_mandamus.shtml
Posted by vbank
17 Jan 2008 #7
what my lawyer said ( I trust him so much, it's a big company and they have been successful for years for my friends and me):

The odds of expediting the case are very good. Our recent experience is that the US Attorney usually agrees to expedite the checks; if not, there is a reasonable chance that a judge would rule in our favor.

We have done many over the years, and have seen a very good success rate in this area of late.
Posted by odessa
18 Jan 2008 #8
I would be very surprised if your high-paid lawyer were to say otherwise. He is paid by an hour, think about it.
Posted by paparomeo
05 Mar 2008 #9
My I485 with receipt date 08/09/2006 was stuck in name check and approved on 02/22/08. I think the new memo regarding NC is in effect now. You may get your approved very soon. Good Luck
Posted by nikolausm
31 Mar 2008 #10

Спасибо, браток. Похоже что и у тебя все должно скоро сростись... Интересно то, что 27-го числа у меня заканчивался EAD... Может, конечно, просто совпадение... Ты сам где поживаешь? Я в Далласе...
Posted by nikolausm
31 Mar 2008 #11
понимаю, понимаю... у нас сегодня +26С... Готовимся к суровому лету - в прошлом году 3 месяца температура ниже 30 днем не опускалась...:(
Posted by observer
09 Apr 2008 #12
Hey, I see you got approved as well. I told you so ;)

Congratulations, fellow countryman! ;)
Posted by vbank
09 Apr 2008 #13
Yep :)

Exciting feel. Re-read that email about 10 times. Was not able to believe :)
Posted by observer
10 Apr 2008 #14
Print it out and put it on the wall ;) That's what I did to convince myself it's true ;)
Posted by vbank
10 Apr 2008 #15
hehe :)


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