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I-485 case: Pending for 2394 days (-1747 days more than average)
22 Oct 2017
09 Nov 2017
10 Nov 2017
17 Nov 2017
01 Mar 2018
17 Dec 2017
15 Mar 2018
not sure
22 May 2018
24 Apr 2018
05 May 2018
01 May 2018
166 days
177 days
38 days
22 May 2018
2363 days
Employment Based AOS Interview scheduled on May 15'th in San Jose office. Not sure when my GC was approved but got an alert on Card Production Date though.
02 May 2018
23 May 2018
Employment Based AOS Interview scheduled on May 15'th in San Jose office. Not sure when my GC was approved but got an alert on Card Production Date though.

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Posted by resachin
04 May 2018 #1

Posted by Geo123
04 May 2018 #2
Ok Sure. Thank you.
Posted by dysonsphere
10 May 2018 #3
Updated my interview experience, check it out. Best of luck for yours!
Posted by WannabImmigrnt
11 May 2018 #4
Replying your question:

We had our interview on Feb 28th and got our cards on Mar 9th. Check my profile for case details. The interview seemed like a formality. Our Attorney got there before us and had us checked in at the counter. My spouse had the interview scheduled right after mine but we had the interview together. It's a bit low tech how they call you for the interview. The Baltimore Office has a huge hall with two doors, one on each opposite end, far away from each other. The Officer will come out of one of the doors (you won't know which one) and call your name. Most of them don't use the PA system. So, you have to pay attention, especially with their pronunciation of the foreign names. We sat at one end at the beginning and them moved to the center aisle so that we can monitor both doors. Our interviewer came out on the right door, did not use the PA system but we responded quickly. We were taken to an Office, took oath, answered each item (first thru last page) on the 485 form. Office asked for my Employer verification letter and latest pay stubs. I showed the originals and gave the copies for the record. Officer asked if we have anything to add. I said No. Officer asked our attorney if their is anything to add. Attorney said No. The same repeated for my spouse. Interview was over in 25 mins. Officer had us wait outside as while taking copies of passport and EAD cards. At the end, we got the standard letter about waiting to hear from USCIS for 120 days. To our surprise, we got the approval letter by mail on Mar 5 which said the cards will be mailed or bio-metrics will be required within the next 90 days. We got call from Attorney that they have the cards 3 days later. Online case status was not updated after the interview. This has been a great forum to exchange information and learn the process better. Good luck all!!
Posted by Geo123
11 May 2018 #5
Congratulations and Thank you very much for the detailed interview experience. We really appreciate it.
Posted by np17
14 May 2018 #6
All the best on your interview tomorrow. It will be nice and straightforward. Bring all documents you submitted with your i485 (and copies). Congrats in advance!
Posted by Stat2018
21 May 2018 #7
Geo, hope you had a great interview last week! Could you update your progress when you get a chance? Thanks in advance! (it's really hard to find CC cases, I am in the same boat)
Posted by Geo123
23 May 2018 #8
Sorry for the delay because I was travelling on work and also had a long interview which didn't give me much confidence for immediate approval etc. I will write-up the interview in detail and post it soon. Thank you.
Posted by Stat2018
23 May 2018 #9
Thank you Geo123! Fingers crossed for you and hope everything works out very soon!

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