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I-485 case: Approved
10 Jul 2006
08 Aug 2006
10 Aug 2006
02 Oct 2006
29 Aug 2006
15 Sep 2006
09 Oct 2007
31 Aug 2006
31 Aug 2006
0 days
Case transfered to Miam for inter.
30 Nov -0001
13 Oct 2007
Case transfered to Miam for inter.

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Posted by bbccddee
30 Dec 2006 #1

how do you know your name check is passed?
Posted by baretlaw
30 Dec 2006 #2
I went to an infopass appointment and the guy told me after I "Nudged" him. Moreover, I called the Texas Service center and the lady told me that it looks like every thing in my case is clear for processing and she "hint" me that every thing is O.K although they are not suppose to give this information.

Good Luck.
Posted by baretlaw
12 Feb 2007 #3
My case was transferd to Miami for Interview. I don't know how long I will have to wait for the interview I will update my info when I'll know.
Posted by hope2007
15 Apr 2007 #4
Hi baretlaw

My case is still in name check its almost 85 days now, please tell me how long it takes, and how many months they took for ur name check, and give me some advise what can I do to speed up or they can look at my case,

Posted by baretlaw
15 Apr 2007 #5
Hi Hope 2007,

the best advise I can give you after 8 months of trying to understand how the process goes it to let it be. One thing about the immigration process that you can know for sure is that you can't know. Every case is different and even the immigration officer don't know what they are talking about because I went to 5 Info passes and every time I got a different answer. As hard as it might sound the best thing to do is just wait because you case could be approved tomorrow or in 2 years and there is know certainty no matter what you'll do. My case was pending in Texas for 6 months and when I called the Texas service center after 4 months they said that my case should be approved any day, however, they send my case to miami for an interview and I have no idea why. I am waiting already 3 months for an interveiw date and nothing so far. Well my friend I wish you good luck and don't make the mistake i did by checking my case 5 times a day and waisting my time because it dosen't help a bit. Belive me it will come.
Posted by prom3
13 Oct 2007 #6
Could you please share your interview experience? (why did they send it?, when did you get your date?)

congrats !
Posted by prom3
13 Oct 2007 #7
And your country...
Posted by baretlaw
13 Oct 2007 #8
Hi Prom3,

I don't know why they send my case to interview because I didn't have any special issues. the interview was very short. The officer only verified my personal information and verified the Company (my sponsor) ability to pay. I took them 6 month to schedule my interview in Miami. I am from Israel.

Good Luck.
Posted by prom3
13 Oct 2007 #9
Were you already working for your sponsor?

Thank you !

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