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I-485 case: Approved in 313 days (334 days less than average)
National Benefits Center
20 Mar 2012
14 Oct 2020
16 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020
20 Jan 2021
23 Aug 2021
98 days
313 days
MY I765 was not approved but my I485 got approved on 08/23/2021
14 Oct 2020
24 Aug 2021
MY I765 was not approved but my I485 got approved on 08/23/2021

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Posted by Hey123
16 Oct 2020 #1
Did you downgrade, if yes did you file i-140 as NEW or AMENDMENT.?
Posted by NaWin4858
20 Oct 2020 #2
Hello - I have both EB3 and EB2 I140 approvals from my current employer. Not sure if mine is considered as a downgrade or not.
Posted by vspj
20 Oct 2020 #3
Then you're good. Its not downgrade
Posted by ahmed007
21 Oct 2020 #4
Did you receive the USCIS CASE ID/Receipt notice for your I485?
Posted by NaWin4858
22 Oct 2020 #5
@ahmed007 - Nope, Not yet.
Posted by mumbai007
08 Nov 2020 #6
what exactly is notice date? arent you supposed to get a Receipt number when you have a notice date.
Posted by NaWin4858
09 Nov 2020 #7
My Guess is Notice date is when USCIS opened my application, in my case it is Oct 29th 2020 and i received my receipt in Mail on Nov 6th 2020.
Posted by eb2dec2012trac
09 Nov 2020 #8
you've marked it as concurrent - however, if you already had both I-140 approved it won't be concurrent.
Posted by NaWin4858
09 Nov 2020 #9
Thank you, Updated it to non-concurrent
Posted by mumbai007
09 Nov 2020 #10
@indian4858 - thanks for your response. so how's the notice date communicated to us? like to receive email of text msg do we have to fill G-1145 for that?
Posted by NaWin4858
09 Nov 2020 #11
I received it via mail to my home address.

One problem with my case is, I received receipts for I-765, I-485 and I-131, but did not receive any receipts for my spouse. Though our attorney says both our applications are sent in one package. Not sure what went wrong, Thinking on giving it sometime and then reach out to Attorney or USCIS.
Posted by mumbai007
09 Nov 2020 #12
Thanks once again. mine is on the same received date and i filled G-1145 too. not sure where it helps in the flow but hoping to hear something from them.
Posted by jt80
30 Jan 2021 #13
Hello, do you have any update on your case since biometrics was done?
Posted by kanya1999
23 Aug 2021 #14
Hi what's your approval dates for I 140 for EB3 AND EB2 , i thought you can have only one or other ... I mean down grade in that case correct ? not sure whether you can upgrade ?

its strange PD is March 2012 still waiting i485 approval ? your went in Early October .

any updates on your status. .
Posted by NaWin4858
23 Aug 2021 #15
@jt80 and @kanya1999 -

My case is direct EB3 march 2012. Still waiting for my 765 and 485 approvals and yes my receipt date is Oct 14th 2020. Thanks
Posted by NeverSayNever
24 Aug 2021 #16

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