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I-485 case: Approved in 184 days (478 days less than average)
National Benefits Center
10 Jan 2020
08 Mar 2021
10 Mar 2021
13 Apr 2021
20 Jun 2020
28 May 2021
14 Jun 2021
08 Sep 2021
08 Sep 2021
81 days
184 days
22 Feb 2021
09 Sep 2021

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Posted by noketchup
21 Apr 2021 #1
Hey I guess we're in the same shoes, let's keep each other posted.
Posted by bek7
23 Apr 2021 #2
Sounds good! What's your field office? Mine is San Francisco.
Posted by noketchup
23 Apr 2021 #3
Mine is Chicago.
Posted by bek7
08 May 2021 #4
Got fingerprint appointment scheduled for 5/28
Posted by noketchup
09 May 2021 #5
Got fingerprints scheduled for 05/24
Posted by noketchup
24 May 2021 #6
Hey I had my biometrics today and I would advise you to keep an eye on their screen when they take a photo and fingerprints. 2 of my fingers showed a warning sign saying "mismatch", because of the moisture on the palm, but the officer refused to retake them, he said that should be fine, but I heard lots of cases when people had to take second biometrics appointment, because their fingerprints/photo were rejected due to poor quality.
Posted by bek7
07 Jun 2021 #7
@noketchup , thanks! So I went to the biometrics with my wife. And it went smooth but I received another letter for my infant. So I'll have a second visit again.
Posted by noketchup
31 Jan 2022 #8
Hello @bek7, it's been a while and I know you got greened, however I received an RFE today asking for my birth certificate that I submitted initially with my application. I am not sure why they asked for it again, how did you submit yours? Also, where did you make the certified translation? Thanks!
Posted by bek7
18 Apr 2022 #9
@noketchup hey sorry i've not been on here since then... I hope you already got yours. I did the translation with rushtranslate and sent it to my attorney at the beginning of my application. Don't know how they submitted it.

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