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I-485 case: Approved in 633 days (15 days less than average)
21 Oct 2019
27 Apr 2020
30 Apr 2020
22 Jan 2021
09 Aug 2021
16 Aug 2021
20 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022
270 days
633 days
12 May 2021
20 Jan 2022

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Posted by gcapp2019
21 May 2021 #1
Is your case still at TSC?
Posted by danielg09
21 May 2021 #2
As far as I know it is.
Posted by gcapp2019
24 Jun 2021 #3
Thanks for sharing. Please keep up posted. Good luck!
Posted by gcapp2019
12 Sep 2021 #4
Hi, any news on your case?
Posted by devilhunter
13 Sep 2021 #5
Could you please email me I've something interesting to discuss with you
[email protected]
Posted by danielg09
13 Sep 2021 #6
No new updates, @gcapp2019. This week will be almost a month since they acknowledged receiving my I-693, so I am hoping to hear from them in the next few days or next week. However, this is the USCIS SRC, so my hopes aren't too high. What about you?
Posted by gcapp2019
04 Nov 2021 #7
Still waiting.... thanks for the updates. Please keep us posted.
Posted by gonzajo3
24 Dec 2021 #8
seems that our cases are very similar on RFER, Received date and PD.

Have you submitted any SR at all? and if any, did anything change?

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