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I-485 case: Approved in 407 days (244 days less than average)
10 Jan 2006
25 Mar 2007
27 Mar 2007
10 Apr 2007
10 Apr 2007
16 Apr 2007
too early to say
05 May 2008
05 May 2008
12 May 2008
05 Feb 2008
317 days
22 days
407 days
LUD 1/16/08 No more LUD,E-mails at 5:00 am and 7:00 am
30 Nov -0001
12 May 2008
LUD 1/16/08 No more LUD,E-mails at 5:00 am and 7:00 am

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Posted by itwillcome
09 Nov 2007 #1
Hi nina2007, any idea what the LUD is about? I assume it is a good sign.
Posted by nina2007
09 Nov 2007 #2
I talked to NSC the day before, she did not gave me any information just said it is pending, but LUD came the day after. anybody knows if talking to NSC will make LUD?
Posted by nina2007
19 Nov 2007 #3
my new LUD was for confirming address change!!!!!
Posted by GCwant
20 Nov 2007 #4
Did you change the address yourself or your lawyer?
have you done it on line? I want to to do the same but want to be quite carefull.
Posted by nina2007
21 Nov 2007 #5
I did it myself , my lawyer said it is so easy and do it yourself, just be sure after changing online make a copy of confirmation page(change both for your address and I-485 or any other pending form seperately) ,they will send you a letter in 45 days or you can call USCIS change of address if you haven't recieve it.
Posted by itwillcome
23 Jan 2008 #6
Hi nina2007,
Could you please let us know what the LUD is about? thanks.
Posted by nina2007
23 Jan 2008 #7
I don't know neither, I sent an inquiry 2 month ago but no answer yet.
Posted by itwillcome
23 Jan 2008 #8
How interesting. I submitted an inquiry too (in November) and haven't heard back yet.
Posted by nina2007
24 Jan 2008 #9
are you going to send another inquiry? my lawyer said maybe they are working on my case so we better don't send another inquiry (which make them more confuse!!!!) and just wait, but I am not sure for waiting.
Posted by itwillcome
24 Jan 2008 #10
I am not sure if you can do that when the case is not late based on the processing dates. The catch is that our cases were late in November, but they are not late now (as of today, they have December 14th processing dates up). By any chance, if it is possible let me know.

Do you know if inquiring through the lawyer is any different from doing it over the phone? Back in Nov. I called them and filed an inquiry..
Posted by nina2007
24 Jan 2008 #11
Some people say you can send inquiry or go to info pass even after 3-4 month but my lawyer didn't accept to sent any inquiry until Nov., he sent my inquiry himself but said they will send a letter to my address in 45 days. I don't think it is different, but they have to answer your inquiry in 45 days, so you can track it if you haven't heard anything.
Posted by fkaf
05 May 2008 #12
Tabrik migam:)
Posted by nina2007
05 May 2008 #13
Thank you ,I hope it happen soon for all other patient Iranians too.(also other countries)
thank you Trackitt for your useful information and thanks zma for your gentle heart.
other things: my name check still pending and IOs in txc told me 3 times not to expect GC till Nov 08.
Posted by gonnacit
05 May 2008 #14
Congratulations nina! That's great. Enjoy your green life!
Posted by gonnacit
06 May 2008 #15
Thanks Nina!
by the way, I got a LUD after address change, yesterday, then today I got another one. Do you remember how many LUDs you had for your address change?
Posted by KHOSRO
09 May 2008 #16
Salaam Nina,

Have you got your welcome notice or green card in the mail? .......Did you get approval notice mailed e-mail? .......I got only welcome notice mailed and card production ordered e-mail on May 5th! .......I have not got any thing in the mail yet. ......Friday 7:29 Central time

Posted by nina2007
09 May 2008 #17
not yet, I have not received anything in mail yet but I think it will take at least 5 days (if you track card received times in extended view here)
But amazing for me is first we got card production order,then welcome notice then second card production order the day after and today approval notice send!!!!Does anybody have the same experience here?
Posted by gonnacit
19 May 2008 #18
keili tabrik migam, man gofte budam khabaraie khub too rahe :)

areh dorost hads zadeh boodi; merci.
va Merci bareh tabriket nina. khosh begzareh haminjoor behet taa citizenshipit biad. az oon be baed vali digeh behet khosh begzareh baz!

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