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I-485 case: Approved in 1315 days (-665 days more than average)
12 Mar 2002
03 Aug 2007
06 Aug 2007
24 Sep 2007
19 Dec 2008
26 Oct 2007
01 Jun 2009
Birth certificate RFE replied and case process has been resumed. There was HLUD with email and SLUD for about 10 days.
16 Jun 2009
too early to say
10 Mar 2011
10 Mar 2011
15 Mar 2011
84 days
1315 days
03 Mar 2011
SOFT LUD ON I-485 08/07/2008, Another SOFT LUD ON I-485 08/08/2008. Might be my Address Change triggered or recent H1B approval. SOFT LUD ON I-485 10/15/2008 due to G-28 filed by attorney. I too have a SLUD on 9/4/2010(Saturday) for all(including depende
30 Nov -0001
18 Mar 2011
SOFT LUD ON I-485 08/07/2008, Another SOFT LUD ON I-485 08/08/2008. Might be my Address Change triggered or recent H1B approval. SOFT LUD ON I-485 10/15/2008 due to G-28 filed by attorney. I too have a SLUD on 9/4/2010(Saturday) for all(including depende

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Posted by greendfw
10 Apr 2010 #1
I am in similar situation with late registered birth certificate.
Can you inform the following:
What was your amount of stamp paper for affidavit. Normally is it Rs 10?
Have you got stamped as " Valid outside India" also on affidavits from India?
Your reply will be highly appreciated.
Posted by walker15
12 Apr 2010 #2
Hello greendfw,
Sorry for the delayed reply.
I made it on Rs.100 stamp paper(even the second page was on Rs.100 if needed)
No we have not mentioned anything as "Valid outside India"

Reply if any more questions.
Good luck.
Posted by greendfw
12 Apr 2010 #3
Thank you for your reply.
Posted by driveto
23 Feb 2011 #4
walker15 yours and my case are similar and will be current next month, my priority date is one day ahead of yours though. hope you get it first :)
Posted by walker15
23 Feb 2011 #5
Yes after 9 years of waiting finally dates moved in EB3. Sticked to the same american employer and escaped many layoff's.
A ray of hope for EB3I applicants moving forward.
Good luck to you and to your family.
Posted by prithvips
04 Mar 2011 #6
best of luck walker15 , hope you get greened soon , yes its a long wait for GC for us EB3i folks , still if it ends with being greened you forget all the wait and the pain , again best of luck and hope to see you greened soon
Posted by walker15
04 Mar 2011 #7
Thanks prithvips, appreciate you hanging around in trackitt and helping others even after greened.
Dates moved faster than expected for EB3I, I was in fact expecting my PD to be current in MAY.

Posted by prithvips
10 Mar 2011 #8
congratulations , see my words came true , i knew it for some reason i trusted the pending data and made my prediction that EB3I will move to around March end by April , but never expected it to be at 8 April 2002 , very good move for us EB3Is , who got that April 2001 dreaded month for so long, anyways i am happy for you , that you got greened and you will be free from constant tension and worry about GC.

and thanks i still come to trackitt , because i got valuable information when i was waiting and it helped me a lot and i got to learn so much , and if i can share some of that and help some one who is waiting endless for GC , i think its worth while , i had to go thru so much , it taught me so much and i just share my little knowledge to help folks

again just party hard and have fun , SABAR KAA PHAAL METHAA HOTA HAI !!!! and DEER SEE AYEE TOH AUR BHI METHA LAGTA HAI :)
Posted by walker15
11 Mar 2011 #9
I agree with you in coming out of constant tension, luckily could able to stick to American firm for such a long time(more than 9 years), in fact escaped 5 layoffs. I should really thank to the management in my company. Good to see some positive movement for EB3I which is bringing all those slept and lost hope people into action in trackkitt.
I was following your predictions very closely and they were very near to the VB movement. You can change your profession to immigration consultant :), just kidding.
Enjoyed my Taj Mahal beer yesterday and will have more today until I really get drunk :)
Good luck for your future endeavers and your valuable inputs/predictions will be very much needed for the waiting EB3I applicants.
Posted by jetski76
03 Dec 2011 #10

Hello walker15,

Could you send me the screen shot of your parents's affidavit for your birth certificate that you submitted for I-485? My email address is [email protected]

Thank you!
Posted by walker15
05 Dec 2011 #11
emailed to your account.

Good luck
Posted by jetski76
07 Dec 2011 #12

Hello walker15,

If you don't mind, I have a question about notarizing my father's affidavit:

Does the notary also register the affidavit at the court? How long does this process take in India?

Thank you!
Posted by jetski76
08 Dec 2011 #13

Hello walker15,

If possible, could you please reply?

Thank you!
Posted by walker15
20 Dec 2011 #14
Sorry I was on a vacation, hence late in responding.
You don't need to register the affidavit at the court, you just need to draft subject and get it notariuzed.
Posted by jetski76
20 Dec 2011 #15

Hello walker15,

Thank you for the reply!

By, "draft subject", do you mean the text of the affidavit itself?

Kindly let me know.

Thank you!
Posted by ssmadurai
27 Feb 2012 #16
Hi Walker15,

Could you please send a copy of affidavit to my email address [email protected]
Thanks for your help.

Posted by walker15
28 Feb 2012 #17
Sent to your yahoo email.

Good luck

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