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I-485 case: Approved in 808 days (-158 days more than average)
26 Apr 2001
16 Jul 2007
19 Jul 2007
12 Sep 2007
27 Oct 2008
02 Oct 2007
too early to say
01 Oct 2009
17 Sep 2007
63 days
78 days
808 days
30 Nov -0001
01 Oct 2009

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Posted by adjudicator
19 Nov 2008 #1
r u eligible for SR? Your I-485 is long due.
Posted by mudronm
25 Nov 2008 #2
Cauko Slovacisko... nejak Ti to dlho trva, ze?? :)
Posted by Slovacisko
25 Nov 2008 #3
Niekto ma musel prekliat!!! :)))
Nechdi, stale nechodi, co je s nou je mi biedne...
Posted by Slovacisko
25 Nov 2008 #4
CRUSADER: I am waiting patiently until after Thanskgiving adn then I will see. I called not long time ago becasue my i140 changed from aprooved to :document send to address on file. After four hear attacts and countless and fruitless phone call, we found out that my attorney requested a copy of the original i140. I am hoping for the best...
Posted by Slovacisko
19 Dec 2008 #5
As you se above my 1140 changed to Document sent to address on file back on 11/10/08. Knowing what it was, I waited for 30 day period to pass and calling them, hoping to induce processing of my case. I told them that the application used to show “approved” and it is not now and that we have received the requested duplicate; however there may have been another document which we may not know about. After 2 days, I got a hard LUD only on my i140 and it changed to: Current Status: Approval notice sent. It got also emailed. I honestly hoped that once they look at my case again, it may speed up the approval. Guess I was wrong…
Posted by barsha
01 Oct 2009 #6
Congratulations Slovacisko... you made it .. yeahhh. Glad to see and very very well deserved. Have and fun and enjoy. Please don't forget to pray for us...
Posted by mrkool
01 Oct 2009 #7
Congratulations dude. You deserve every bit of it. Have a free greened life.
Posted by alsora07
02 Oct 2009 #8
Blahozelam!! Zasluzis si to.
Posted by durrahsm
03 Oct 2009 #9
Congratulations, slovacisko! enjoy your well deserved greencard, it's been a very long wait! hope you'll still hang around trackitt to visit poor us that are still waiting for our turn! :-)

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