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I-485 case: Approved in 93 days (560 days less than average)
National Benefits Center
14 Jul 2013
14 Feb 2022
14 Feb 2022
21 Mar 2022
18 May 2022
35 days
93 days
20 Apr 2022
19 May 2022

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Posted by evergreen88
21 Apr 2022 #1
Where did u do the BM
Posted by evergreen88
23 Apr 2022 #2
Do you know which Field office is currently? emma chat provides that status
Posted by srinivas244
24 Apr 2022 #3
Tried Emma Chat but it is just sharing links...May be i am not asking right question :) BM was done in Raleigh, NC
Posted by ipals1234
19 May 2022 #4
Congratulations and Enjoy the freedom! I am also having same timelines and same PD. July 15, 2013. May I know the sequence of your 485 receipt number, may be the first 6/7 digits.
Posted by dj470
19 May 2022 #5
Congratulations! did you take any special steps to have your case approve like raising any ticket?
Posted by srinivas244
19 May 2022 #6
Thank you! Your turn should come soon! my sequence MSC229029****

No special steps. Looks like things are moving super fast now and you will get it soon.
Posted by dj470
19 May 2022 #7
thank you @Srinivas244
Posted by shartapa
21 May 2022 #8
Hi, I see that you applied 485 in Feb 2022 with July 14, 2013 PD date. Per my knowledge July 2013 became current in April 2022 bulletin. Could you please share your timeline? Did you downgrade in 2020 Oct when EB3 became current under date of filing chart? Appreciate your inputs.

Posted by srinivas244
21 May 2022 #9
No, downgrades involved. I haven
Posted by srinivas244
21 May 2022 #10
My phone acting weird. No, downgrades involved. Filled using EB2 date of filing chart in feb 2022. Final action dates were current from May 1st 2022 and card approved on May 18th 2022.
Posted by chetanbecs
01 Jun 2022 #11
Can u please put the different status your application went though...
Posted by srinivas244
02 Jun 2022 #12
Hope, this helps! All the best.

Date of filing current from Feb 1st 2022
Submitted Application - Feb 10th 2022
Application Receipt date - Feb 14th 2022
Finger prints Date - Mar 21st 2022
Final action dates current from May 1st 2022
485 Application status approved - May 18th 2022
Card Mailed - May 20th 2022
Card Received - May 25th 2022

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