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11 May 2006
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AP approved for me on OCT 8th 2007 , AP sent to me on the 25 OCT but didnt receive it yet from lawyer. my husbands AP approved on 24 OCT , AP sent on Nov 7 , me and my hubby have the same RD and ND
30 Nov -0001
11 Jan 2008
AP approved for me on OCT 8th 2007 , AP sent to me on the 25 OCT but didnt receive it yet from lawyer. my husbands AP approved on 24 OCT , AP sent on Nov 7 , me and my hubby have the same RD and ND

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Posted by AdrianMutu
15 Nov 2007 #1
Hi Lia,

So your AP was supposedly mailed on Oct 24 and your husband's on Nov 7 and it's Nov 15 today.

Now, my AP and my wife's AP were approved on Oct 4 and they were both received by the lawyer on Oct 10...

Possible explanations:
(1) Worst case scenario: they are not actually approved. My lawyer (top lawyer) has very rarely seen cases where the online status said "Approved" but they were actually pending. I think the chance is like 0.01%... but I'd take an InfoPass (just type "infopass" in your browser) to ask an officer. If you don't live in NY or CA or some beautiful but busy area, you should be able to schedule one quickly...

(2) USCIS' mailroom is slow on sending stuff out. My AP and my wife's AP were approved in Vermont (see "Notes" on my profile on how they actually ended up there), and VSC was blazingly fast. Maybe NSC just sucks...

(3) They got lost in the mail. Super-small chance, but...

(4) The lawyer. How's s/he in general? On top of things? My lawyer happens to be super-nice; a colleague of mine, however, has this lawyer who responds to email only when it's raining outside (you catch my translation...) and then says "I still need to do some data entry procedures here" when he's asked "Did you get my AP?".

So, bottom line... take an InfoPass, or failing that, call 1-800-375-5283, press 1, 2, 2, 6, 1, receipt #, 1, 3, 4 (the "POJ method", google it up) and speak to an officer, make sure it's really approved. Then, don't know, either USCIS' NSC mailroom sucks, or UPS/ USPS sucks, or the lawyer sucks... :-(

Hope you'll get it really soon now. Bafta mare, hai ca pana la urma tre' sa reusim! ("Best of luck, we'll win eventually" for non-Romanian speakers).

1) USCIS' mailroom did not actually send
Posted by lia03ro
15 Nov 2007 #2
Adrianmutu thanks for your prompt responce :)

actually i think my lawyer i is like your friends lawyer(he says i worry to much and i shoul calm down , i dont belave he

understands my concern, if he is american he dosent have to wait for any answer from USCIS for himself)

Hope to have the AP in mail soon :)

once again thanks again for your answer

Sa fie ! Bafta mare si voua si sa speram ca la anu sa avem si toti green cardul!! :-) (Best of luck to you to, hope next year all of us have the green card)
Posted by AdrianMutu
15 Nov 2007 #3
Sure, we're Romanians, right? :-)
BTW I should change my user name, a couple people from other countries have already asked if I'm Adrian Mutu himself :-)
(For everybody else: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Mutu)

RE: AP. I didn't bother to ask, since I assumed you know that already. But... you don't have a valid H status, right? 'Cause if you do, you're fine, you can travel. If you have the valid H1-B stamp, you're good to go; else (if you did a CoS (Change of Status) in the US, or you got an extension approved, etc), you'll need to schedule an appointment w/ the embassy to get the stamp. You only need AP if you're working on EAD and your only status is that of "Adjustee" (a person w/ an I-485 pending).

RE: your lawyer... tell him you really have to travel soon and you need the AP. You might be right in one respect: my lawyer, she's a citizen (of course...), but she wasn't born here, and her brother brought her dad and another brother via the family-based track and it took them like 10 years. So she knows what it's like, maybe that's why she's sympathetic. While my colleague's lawyer is born-and-bred here...

Other than that, did you guys get the EAD cards? I saw you got them approved on Oct 26.

From what I know, in most cases:
-- receipts go to lawyer (was is true in your case?)
-- EAD goes to applicant (idem?)
-- FP notice goes to lawyer and applicant (idem?)
-- AP goes to lawyer...

Bafta mare! Sper sa ai dreptate... desi Dumnezeu stie cand o veni (green cardul adica). Uite ce faceam azi-noapte (sotia e-n Romania, deci ce pot sa fac :-)...): http://www.trackitt.com/discussion-forums/i485-1/39887767/ M-am imbolnavit de GC-ul asta.. :-)
Posted by AdrianMutu
30 Nov 2007 #4
Quote: "adi what does it mean ROW country?"

Rest-Of-the-World. Everybody else but India/ China/ Mexico/ Philippines. "All chargeability areas"...

Quote: "ps: finally i got my AP document yesterday, was approved on oct 6 but it seams like they lost it and they resent it , wery strange is that i didn't even call them for that :)"

Wow, congratulations! That took amazingly long from "Approval Notice Sent" to actual AP in hand. Maybe it was lost or returned by mistake or maybe it just left the mailroom really, really late. Finally all yours now!

Did you book the tickets? Or you're not going home for Christmas/ New Years?

Quote: "mersi/ thanks"

Cu placere si oricand. Bafta! ("My pleasure, anytime. Good luck!")
Posted by lia03ro
30 Nov 2007 #5
thanks for your prompt responce

we bought the tickets actually very cheap , we are from county Alba and we had a good promotion for plain tickets ($700 each

round trip) new airport in Sibiu :) I'm so glad but we leave home after the holidays end of january( we have to give some exam , the

school is cheaper home :))

hope we don't have any problems by traveling with the AP document , my frinds try to scare us and say that there are big chances

they do not allow you to turn but i hope everything goes ok :)

once again mersii/ thanks for your answer

ps: are you going home for the holidays?
Posted by AdrianMutu
10 Dec 2007 #6
Hi Lia,

Sorry, I just now saw your comment. Ah, you're from Alba, lucky you. Bucharest here... a bit over $1K for a round-trip. I live on the East Coast here.

AP should be fine, don't worry. Read http://www.trackitt.com/discussion-forums/i131-1/46179143/ and http://www.trackitt.com/discussion-forums/i131-1/47561863/last-page/ anyway.

And yeah, I'll go home for the holidays as well :-) Leaving Dec 21st, returning Jan 6th. Maybe these 2 dates contributed to the price of the ticket, given that they're by far the busiest :-)

I'll use my valid H stamp to travel. However, my wife will come back on AP (no H for her). I'll let you know how it went. She'll travel later, she has to finish some school stuff as well :-)

Have fun back home. Craciun Fericit si bafta multa in 2008! ("Merry Christmas and best of luck in 2008!")

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