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I-485 case: Approved in 282 days (373 days less than average)
21 Nov 2006
27 Dec 2006
28 Dec 2006
03 Jan 2007
13 Jun 2007
23 Jan 2007
23 Aug 2007
08 Jun 2007
05 Oct 2007
05 Oct 2007
13 Oct 2007
18 Mar 2007
20 Apr 2007
81 days
114 days
27 days
282 days
CARD received on EID DAY 10/13.
30 Nov -0001
13 Oct 2007
CARD received on EID DAY 10/13.

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Posted by doctor
05 Oct 2007 #1
Yes...and god knows when it will be cleared!!!??????
Posted by doctor
05 Oct 2007 #2
I'm happy for you....have a GREAT GREAT weekend and enjoy it...................
Posted by SagittariusArm
05 Oct 2007 #3
you just asked, why there was no approval on 10/05 and now I see you are approved:) What a co-incidence...Best wishes and good luck.

How were you notified?
Posted by mathaabhai
05 Oct 2007 #4
THNAKS FOLKS! Its been waiting so long and I'm pray for you guys ...so you could get your too.
Posted by mathaabhai
05 Oct 2007 #5
I got two e-mail from USCIS and also check in the website..it says CARD ORDERED PRODUCTION.
Posted by tuffy
05 Oct 2007 #6
Congratulations! It is great to see you approved. Enjoy the Eid in Bangladesh.

Posted by mma0604
05 Oct 2007 #7
Yes!..glad your wait is over. Enjoy the freedom!
Posted by mathaabhai
05 Oct 2007 #8
Thanks mma0604 & tuffy! you are getting your freedom soon tooo...best of LUCK! EID MUBARAK.
Posted by Iwantgc
05 Oct 2007 #9
Cong! 2 LUDs really works, I hope I can hear good news too.
I contact senator in July, and today got the call from his office, the secretary said they received the FBI's letter and my name check was cleared (I already knew this), then she asked whether I heard anything from USCIS, I said no, she said she will contact USCIS.
Posted by apnacard
08 Oct 2007 #10
Congratulations mathabhai
Posted by sjsd
11 Oct 2007 #11
Congrats, mathabhai,

Did you get any other emails after the card production e-mail, welcome and 485 approval.
I got the card production e-mails was wondering if I will get others.

Also how long did it take you to get the GC.

I wish everyone good luck in this journey.

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