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18 Oct 2006
01 Jul 2007
06 Aug 2007
13 Sep 2007
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08 Nov 2007
23 Jan 2008
07 Jul 2011
12 Oct 2007
26 Dec 2007
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12 Jul 2011
No SLUD. No Mail. Card in the mail

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Posted by Greened2009
04 Aug 2008 #1
hi, was the USCIS able to confirm your case is being considered under cross chargeability when you recently called them?
Posted by Thinkpad1978
05 Aug 2008 #2
No. I once got the I/O to say it is been charge via Cross charge but the rest say that they can't see that information. A couple of I/O's have said that thye will email the Adjudicatiing Officer who will pull my file and see. Yesterday I was told by an NSC officer that my case is now being reviewed and a decision will be soon made (not sure how much that is true ).
Posted by RFEI140
08 Sep 2008 #3
Thinkpad what was ur RFE reply date?
Posted by Thinkpad1978
08 Sep 2008 #4
I still haven't received details on my RFE yet.
Posted by Trackbuzz
22 Sep 2008 #5
Hi ,
Wht was ur RFE abt..can u please share the details…thanks Buzz
Posted by Thinkpad1978
23 Sep 2008 #6
My RFE was
Primary Applicant
1. Birth Certificate

1) F-1 status since 2006
2) Proof of waiver for 2 year home residency
3) Proof of Bona Fide marriage
4) Copy of -1-94
Posted by crosscharge
24 Sep 2008 #7
Thinkpad, Since your 485 Received date is not past 30 days of NSC's processing date, were they willing to talk to you. I once called TSE and they didn't give me anything except I have to wait for 30 days after processing days becomes current.
Posted by BennyLava
24 Sep 2008 #8
Why do they need this?

2) Proof of waiver for 2 year home residency

Your wife is the dependent isn't she? Was she on J1 and did she convert to F-1?
Posted by Thinkpad1978
25 Sep 2008 #9
yes. she was on J-1 and coverted to F1. I am doomed.
Posted by Thinkpad1978
25 Sep 2008 #10
I tried to get a no objection letter from Ukraine to DOS. But they messed up the verbiage. DOS has asked it to be re-sent. With the political issue soging on between Ukraine, Russia and USA the governemnt it not responding. Therefore the waiver process is still. I have been advised to explain the situation to DOS and CIS and then let them make their decision.
Posted by Thinkpad1978
25 Sep 2008 #11
Btw: The advise was from lawyers and my friend's , friend who works in CIS (Local office) .
Posted by BennyLava
25 Sep 2008 #12
Hang in there mate, I'm sure that it is not that big a deal since she is a dependent, and they probably will accept unavailability as a reason.
Posted by Thinkpad1978
26 Sep 2008 #13
BennyLava- Thank you very much for your supporting words. I hope somethign turns out in our favor too.
Posted by BennyLava
12 Nov 2008 #14
Hey Thinkpad, any updates since 26th of Sept? Did the J1 issue get resolved?
Posted by Thinkpad1978
13 Nov 2008 #15
Thanks for checking. Nope. The case is in resumed status now. CIS recieved RFE repsonse for me and my wife on 10/12. The last LUD was on 10/17. No update after that.
Posted by BennyLava
03 Mar 2009 #16
Hey Thinkpad, has your case progressed in any way?
Posted by Thinkpad1978
07 Mar 2009 #17
BennyLava- My wife's case got rejected in Nov 2008 as I had expected. I believe now that my case is pre-adjudicated and will have to wait until PD passes Oct 06.
Posted by mudhalvan
18 Jun 2009 #18
Thinkpad1978 - aren't you filing under EB2 ROW (Cross-charged)? And EB2 Rest-of-the-world is always current ... why would the CIS wait for PD to pass Oct 06? I'm in the same boat as you, just wondering what I should be doing at this time, apart from passively waiting ... thanks :)

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