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I-485 case: Approved in 2284 days (-1637 days more than average)
15 Aug 2004
08 Aug 2004
16 Aug 2004
24 Aug 2004
25 Oct 2004
20 May 2005
14 May 2007
08 Sep 2007
TB Skin Test and EVL
26 Sep 2007
03 Mar 2007
12 Nov 2004
09 Nov 2010
09 Nov 2010
25 Aug 2010
2208 days
285 days
2284 days
10 Aug 2009
2 FPs, 1 RFE & 7APs & 7 EADs for me, 3 APs, 3 EADs & 1FP for wife. RFE ON MY 485-9/12/2007. RFE RECD BY USCIS-9/29/07. EB2 PERM&140 approved Jul/Aug2010. 485 linked to new EB2-140. USCIS confirmed linking. ok im done finally!!!!
30 Nov -0001
11 Nov 2010
2 FPs, 1 RFE & 7APs & 7 EADs for me, 3 APs, 3 EADs & 1FP for wife. RFE ON MY 485-9/12/2007. RFE RECD BY USCIS-9/29/07. EB2 PERM&140 approved Jul/Aug2010. 485 linked to new EB2-140. USCIS confirmed linking. ok im done finally!!!!

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Posted by Trackbuzz
29 May 2008 #1
Hi ,
Wht was ur RFE abt..can u please share the details…thanks B
Posted by Port4Green
08 Jun 2008 #2
Hi Trackbuzz, my RFE was about 2 things, EVL and TB Skin test. I provided USCIS with both and case processing has resumed per case status online and I was supposed to get some news within 60 days of they receiving my RFE reply. But its been about 8 months now :). Same usual story no visa#s to resume processing I guess. God only knows when PDs like mine would show up on the visa bulletin for processing. Its such a shameful wait. I have my Canadian PR lying in my pocket as a waste since last 2 years.

Whats your situation?
Posted by nindi
08 Jan 2010 #3
Galacticfed.. have you called USCIS? did you receive anything after your RFE/60 days? I am in the same position as yours.. They asked for my RFE back in August and I responded to it.. They gave 60 days notice, but no luck as of yet!..

My PD is June 13, 2003..

Lemme know :-)


Jai mata di
Posted by Port4Green
08 Jan 2010 #4
Hey nindi.....after I replied back to that RFE more than 2 years ago...they did change the status of my 485 online which said recieved and case processing resumed. Thats it.....nothing since then...I guess its going to be another 6-8 yrs by the time they will get to my 485 file considering there are 25000 people ahead of me in line for eb3 india :). In the meanwhile I am filing my eb2 india labor in about 2 months and doing a consular processing option from a new employer that way I can keep my old eb3india AOS going and working on EAD while my new eb2 case can sprint forward with CP option. Atleast that way i have hope that I can get it in 2 years else its going to be atleast a decade :). Good luck and keep in touch here.
Posted by vramprak
28 Sep 2010 #5
Hey I think you should be getting your GC very soon. Quick question.
How did you request for interfiling? When you applied for EB-2 I-140 or did you mail USCIS separately after you got the I-140
Posted by Port4Green
29 Sep 2010 #6
vrampak, thanks for your positive words I do hope I get it atleast by end of this year 2010. Anyways to answer your question. No I did not request for interfiling when I applied for my eb2 140. In fact my 140 was filed as CP but USCIS never sent new eb2 140 approval notice to NVC and instead linked it to my existing 485 which was a blessing to me as I dont have to wait 6-10 months after 140 approval to get GC with the CP process and go abroad. So I got lucky. What happened was after a month after my eb2 approval I raised an SR with USCIS asking them on my 140 and 485 linking. They said they have linked it. It happened automatically I guess.
Posted by sangiano
09 Oct 2010 #7
Congrats on your porting success.

You should probably update the Category in your I-485 profile to reflect that, otherwise when you are approved it will look like an EB3 approval with a PD of 15 Aug 2004 and it screws up the reports from the tracker.

Hope you are greened soon.
Posted by prithvips
28 Oct 2010 #8
Hey port4Green , you are very near to be approved and keep us posted , its not easy to port and you can guide other EB3i's who need porting advice , EBI will get help if they start looking at porting if possible . i waited too long , but my main wait was in labor certification , even then i should have ported in 2003 when my company was ready to re file in EB2i , since that's what i should have filed in to begin , but its an old story not worth repeating ,i am glad i have come out of this black hole .
best of luck , you are very near to the end , hope you get Approval anytime now
Posted by ds2705
09 Nov 2010 #9
Congrats on getting greened.

BTW, how did you check your name check status and approval date? Is it a notification from USCIS?
Posted by Port4Green
11 Nov 2010 #10
prithvips thank you so much sir for your words i did finally get it as you might already know :) yes i am leaving to india tommorow and will be back in about 6 weeks and then will still be coming back here to help out fellow eb3 indians to port. god bless
Posted by Port4Green
11 Nov 2010 #11
ds2705 thanks!! I checked about name check from congressman and they asked my service center which is TSC and they promptly replied that my name check is done. I got approval emails and notices by snail mail. good luck to you

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