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I-485 case: Approved in 764 days (-113 days more than average)
United States
24 May 2004
30 Jul 2007
01 Aug 2007
04 Oct 2007
24 May 2007
17 Nov 2007
09 Jan 2008
01 Sep 2009
22 Oct 2009
24 Oct 2009
19 Aug 2008
16 Nov 2007
386 days
109 days
110 days
764 days
22 Oct 2009
Online status still pending - got approval notice on 9/4/09 in USPS mail which was sent on 9/1/09.
30 Nov -0001
24 Oct 2009
Online status still pending - got approval notice on 9/4/09 in USPS mail which was sent on 9/1/09.

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Posted by Trackbuzz
18 Jun 2008 #1
decided to watch ur case coz u r on the watch list on every other case :)
Posted by AnotherFella
23 Jul 2008 #2
Sure... started with watches for EB2 India cases with PD around mine, then decided to watch all of the India Nationality/chargeability cases which is how ended up with 1435 watches setup. Out of these 943 EB2 India are pending as of today. I get about 2-5 approval alerts a day.

Can't wait for August to see the trend. Hopefully one of the alerts in my inbox will be on your case for approval!
Posted by Trackbuzz
23 Jul 2008 #3
my RD is close to urs :) so let us pray we still b current in the next couple of month when TSC will be processing aug cases:)
best of luck to u and ur dependents :)
Posted by samik
31 Aug 2009 #4
hi. is there a way to put a bulk watch on many cases at the same time?
Posted by simran
05 Sep 2009 #5
Wow that's awesome! Congrats....
Posted by AnotherFella
05 Sep 2009 #6

Posted by samik
05 Sep 2009 #7
Posted by mnm2008
08 Sep 2009 #8
Iam in the same boat.. Online still says "Pending" Got the welcome notice in mail on 9/4 with 9/1 as the approval date.

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