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I-485 case: Approved in 331 days (317 days less than average)
14 Jun 2007
23 Jul 2007
24 Jul 2007
21 Aug 2007
02 Apr 2008
11 Sep 2007
11 Jun 2008
18 Jun 2008
18 Jun 2008
26 Jun 2008
26 Sep 2007
11 Mar 2008
65 days
232 days
50 days
331 days
RFE 06/05/2008
30 Nov -0001
26 Jun 2008
RFE 06/05/2008

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Posted by GCPersian
06 Jun 2008 #1
What is the RFE about?
Posted by fkaf
06 Jun 2008 #2
I don't know yet, I'll get in mail next week
Posted by GCPersian
06 Jun 2008 #3
Your dates are very similar to mine. Please keep us posted as to the nature of this RFE (hopefully an easy one).
Posted by fkaf
09 Jun 2008 #4
The RFE is for a copy of the original Birth Certificate.
Also they are asking for resubmitting the form G328 becuase I have signed it with black pen and they are telling that it is a copy not original.
Posted by GCPersian
09 Jun 2008 #5
Sounds like and easy RFE but how can you get them an Original version of your Shenasname? I just sent them a photocopy and no translation.
Posted by GCPersian
09 Jun 2008 #6
Thanks Greededup. I have an official translation from long back which I may use If they ask (which they may very well do). My other option would be what you said.
Posted by fkaf
09 Jun 2008 #7
I have already sent them the translation from interest section of Iran in DC, but they want to have a copy of orginal Shenasname
Posted by Trackbuzz
19 Jun 2008 #8
congrats buddy :)
Posted by erlang
19 Jun 2008 #9
Posted by fkaf
19 Jun 2008 #10
thanks to all of you guys :)
Posted by feduppersian
23 Jun 2008 #11

Congratulations on your GC.

Was your background check cleared or were you a beneficiary of this new 180 days ruling on background checks.days,

Thanks a lot
Posted by fkaf
23 Jun 2008 #12

I don't my NC is been cleared or not I just got card production email and I haven't got the actual card yet
Posted by feduppersian
23 Jun 2008 #13
Thanks a lot

I noticed that after that memorandum came out last March, my Iranian friends started to see their cases approved; I hope that it had some effect as I am waiting too
Posted by fkaf
23 Jun 2008 #14
Hope you will get yours soon :)
Posted by nina2007
24 Jun 2008 #15
Hi F.Kaf.
I just saw your approval ,kheili tabrik migam, now you enjoy your freedom.
Posted by fkaf
24 Jun 2008 #16
mersi kahli mamnon hastam :)
I haven't got my actual card yet but I got my approval letter yesterday

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