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I-485 (Family-based) case: Approved in 80 days (186 days less than average)
United States
10 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013
16 Jul 2013
30 Jul 2013
29 Aug 2013
San Jose, CA
29 Aug 2013
04 Sep 2013
07 Sep 2013
80 days
11 Jun 2013
07 Sep 2013
I-130 already approved. Sending I-485 in IR-1 category (spouse of citizen). I am located in San Jose, CA area.

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Posted by outsmart8493
24 Jun 2013 #1
Received Fingerprint notice..Scheduled on 7/16/13 at San Jose ASC
Posted by outsmart8493
24 Jul 2013 #2
Got a text message today (6/24) about case update. The case went to "Testing and Interview" state on uscis website.
Posted by outsmart8493
24 Jul 2013 #3
I mean 7/24, not 6/24 :-)
Posted by moreover
05 Aug 2013 #4
Did you applied for I-765 and AP concurrent with your I485 application?
If so, have you received EAD or White Passport yet?
Posted by outsmart8493
05 Aug 2013 #5
Yes I applied for ap & ead together. I believe they show up only after the aos interview. Both are in pending stasis as yet.
Posted by sachin469
22 Aug 2013 #6
Can you please tell me how long your case was in acceptance state. When it went to initial review?
Thanks in advance
Posted by mjenyc
28 Aug 2013 #7
Best wishes for tomorrow!
Posted by outsmart8493
28 Aug 2013 #8
sachin469 - It was in "Initial Review" for a long, long time - even after I got the receipt notice! The case moved to acceptance after I completed my Biometrics.

@MJE - thanks much! I'll share my experience in the June Filers and experience thread once I'm done :-)
Posted by outsmart8493
29 Aug 2013 #9
Case approved. Interview was a cake walk. The IO was a young African-american guy who did not show much emotions nor smiled. He greeted us with a good afternoon and walked us into a room. He swore us in and asked us to have a seat. Then he went through the entire I-485 application form and made any correction/changes necessary. He told me that I have an approved I-130 and I-140 on file but since my wife is a USC he will use the I-130 to approve my case. He said that he thoroughly reviewed the case and is approving it, but decided to ask for a couple documents just for formality - our sons birth certificate, my latest EAD card that I received few days ago, and my wife's naturalization certificate. He then took out the I-94 from my passport and handed over a signed document indicating that my case is approved and a card will be mailed to me within the next 30 days.

I asked the IO if he wants to see any photographs since I carried a few of them. He said that he has no doubt that we are married and living together and does not need any further documents. He told me that if he did not approve the case, I would get my greencard anyway through I-140 since I am current with that too, so he has no reasons to reject our case.

Finally, the IO informed us that he will add proper notes to our case that will make it very easy for me to apply for naturalization in 3 years if we just submit additional proof of our continued marriage and co-living.

Throughout the 15-or-so minutes, the I did not smile at all and was to the point, just asking what was needed. I am glad I will have a green card within the next month :-)

One advice for folks interviewing - don't show up too early. We went at 12:15 for our 1:05 interview but were not taken in until 1:15. Other couples who came after us were interviewed before since their appointment time was earlier. I guess 15-20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time would be perfect.
Posted by asball23
03 Sep 2013 #10
Congratulations! for getting the green card. I have one question. My interview was scheduled for October 3, 2013 and on the Interview notice I see the priority date same as the I-485 recipt notice date (July 3, 2013) which is incorrect. My I-130 was filed on July 11, 2011 and it should be the priority date. Did you had the same issue or you had correct priority date? Can you please reply to this question. Thanks.
Posted by outsmart8493
03 Sep 2013 #11
Hi asball23,

The date on my interview notice was indeed same add the i485 receipt notice. I never raised this discrepancy until you asked me about it. I guess it's ok.
Posted by outsmart8493
03 Sep 2013 #12
Hi asball23,

The date on my interview notice was indeed same add the i485 receipt notice. I never raised this discrepancy until you asked me about it. I guess it's ok.
Posted by outsmart8493
03 Sep 2013 #13
Realized, not raised
Posted by mjenyc
21 Sep 2013 #14
Hi -- our greencard was approved -- thank you for your kind words last week!

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