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I-765 case: Approved in 196 days (-99 days more than average)
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19 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017
03 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018
196 days
21 Mar 2018
19 Sep 2018
H4 EAD+ exten filled after h1b approval

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Posted by admirerony
02 Apr 2018 #1
any update on your status?
Posted by Viz2022
02 Apr 2018 #2
Not yet. Have raised SR. Yet to hear back
Posted by admirerony
05 Apr 2018 #3
hey there...did you receive any update on your SR yet?
Posted by Viz2022
05 Apr 2018 #4
Not yet, they’ll answer by April 10th. How about you. What is the average time takes in cases like ours?? Any ideas
Posted by admirerony
05 Apr 2018 #5
No update for me as well. I created 2 SR's and they closed them in 3-4 days saying that they will process my application based on the date it was received. the last SR was created in March (I stopped bothering now). In our case its H4 extension and EAD renewal, so creating an SR on EAD won't make any difference since H4 processing has no time limit and has to be approved first before they even gaze at your EAD application. My first extension + EAD were granted in 102 days ( includes RFE because I converted my H1 to H4). But this time this process is taking a lot of time. Monday, the 9th my current EAD expires and I will be on unpaid LOA for a while now.
Posted by Viz2022
05 Apr 2018 #6
Yes they told me same thing when I called them. But lot of people on this site have got their EADs before extension approval or COS application (I-539 in both cases). So hopefully it’s should not take LONG time. Hope for the best
Posted by admirerony
11 Apr 2018 #7
yeah, hope so. I am on unpaid LOA now ironically. What's up with you? Any response or change in status yet?
Posted by Viz2022
11 Apr 2018 #8
@admirerony, the reply to SR said case being assigned to officer, yet no timeline provided. Don’t know how much time it will take. I am little happy, as they didn’t give typical answer “ we will process in order we received...”. Little hopes!!
Posted by admirerony
12 Apr 2018 #9
Yup, I got the same response a week back but I see no movement on either of my cases...
Posted by admirerony
18 Apr 2018 #10
@Viz2022, how is it going with you?
Posted by admirerony
19 Apr 2018 #11
any update you have received so far?
Posted by Viz2022
19 Apr 2018 #12
@admirerony , Nothing so far. Apart from this case discussion, Have you ever met with local CSA to show original EAD document after you joined employment? I received email just today to do same.
Posted by admirerony
19 Apr 2018 #13
I am not sure if I got your question... do you want to speak on this with me perhaps? email - rohtan.rj ..its a gmail address
Posted by admirerony
19 Apr 2018 #14
did you mean re-verify your I-9 document with your company's HR?
Posted by admirerony
24 Apr 2018 #15
@Viz2022 - any luck???
Posted by Viz2022
24 Apr 2018 #16
No luck. Did u raise second SR??
Posted by admirerony
24 Apr 2018 #17
2nd? ha!

I raised the 4th SR on 04/20 (actually on the mid-night of April 19/20) and they closed it the same day ( 04/20) saying that the response was sent...what response, God knows as I never got response just once out of those 4 SRs I had created... and also the online status says the same damn thing "Case was Received"
Posted by Grantmywish
24 Apr 2018 #18
Hey Guys,

Has anybody tried to reach your congressman to expedite your case?
Posted by Viz2022
24 Apr 2018 #19
Damn!!! That’s too bad. I know u r on LOA. So it’s really pathetic.I just hope they don’t delay until extension results. Don’t know why so much of time as H1b is already approved. Can u travel to India for extension and stamping with approved H1b?? Not sure if that’s ok, but u can check.
Posted by admirerony
24 Apr 2018 #20
Don't even think about leaving the country... the time you spent waiting on your H4 and EAD will go into the drain...

Going to India might help you getting back on stamped H4 but your H4-EAD will be denied for sure...
Posted by admirerony
24 Apr 2018 #21
@Grantmywish - Nope- I didn't ..don't even know how to reach out to them..
Posted by admirerony
26 Apr 2018 #22
Just spoke to an Immigration attorney ( a prominent one) and Vermont is currently working on I-539 petitions filed in the month of May 2017. Mine was in December 2018, that means another 4-5 months of wait time...
Posted by Grantmywish
26 Apr 2018 #23
Whoa!! By the time We receive our EAD, Trump will have revoked the H-4 EAD, huh?
Posted by admirerony
26 Apr 2018 #24
Mid Term elections are due in Nov. He can take any extreme steps before that. The survey that has happened says that H4-EAD has no negative impact on the economy and is good but not that big that it shouldn't be revoked. Irony is that its not a Law, its a rule and can be revoked by the same rule making process it was initially followed. So hang tight and ask your Astrologer which God you need to appease this time (out of million God's we have) in order to get your petition approved :)

Posted by admirerony
30 Apr 2018 #25
Any update guys?
Posted by wait4new
22 May 2018 #26
Hi, I am in the same boat as you.. Applied for H4 COS + EAD in december 2017 and case went to vermont :( I called the USCIS today and they just said that it is still within processing times :( Any update in your case? Thanks!
Posted by admirerony
24 May 2018 #27
Today the status on my I-765 has been changed to the card has been mailed to the address provided and expect it to be received by June 7th.

But status on my I-539 remains the same as " Case was received"

How about you guys?
Posted by Viz2022
24 May 2018 #28
That’s great news!! Congratulations. I haven’t received any info on mine yet. But ur update have increased my hopes. I think it’s very normal that I-765 got updated before I-539. Hopefully that too will get updated soon.
Posted by admirerony
24 May 2018 #29
Yeah, I am pretty sure...this week or the next for you... I have studied the recent trends and folks similar to our timelines are getting them approved.

All the best to us...
Posted by wait4new
24 May 2018 #30
Hi admirerony.. Was yours H4cos + ead or it was h4 extension + ead extension? Thanks!
Posted by admirerony
24 May 2018 #31
both extensions...
Posted by wait4new
24 May 2018 #32
Congratulations! Hope you can go back to work soon. Mine is H4cos + ead... So my lawyer says that usually takes lot longer than extensions.. My wait and unpaid LOA continues...
Posted by admirerony
25 May 2018 #33
Ok guys, my wait has been over finally as well. Today I got both my approvals and the EAD card in mail. Hope and wish you all the best...
Posted by manu21
18 Sep 2018 #34
@Viz2022 - Are you still waiting or did you get approvals?
Posted by Viz2022
19 Sep 2018 #35
Yes I got mine approved in July 1st week. So almost took 8 months.

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