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I-765 case: Approved in 103 days (-4 days more than average)
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02 Jul 2018
02 Jul 2018
13 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018
103 days
06 Sep 2018
14 Oct 2018
I sincerely hope everyone the very best! Steps I took: 1) USCIS Service Request via phone Aug 28: Denied 2) Approached Congresswoman Sept 6: received response back from office Oct 9 3) Submitted Inquiry to USCIS Oct 1: approved Oct 13 Hope this h

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Posted by greenpython
06 Sep 2018 #1
Are you taking any further action to try to expedite processing? It looks like I'm on the same boat as you - I'm also a F-1 student with an active job offer with the start date of Oct 1. Our applications were received on the same date, too...
Posted by KateO
07 Sep 2018 #2
Hey! Yes, I took further actions to expedite through UCSIS, but the request got denied. Are you doing anything to expedite your card approval?
Posted by fantastic555
18 Sep 2018 #3
Hi KateO,
Did you try expediting the case on basis of company financial loss?
Posted by KateO
18 Sep 2018 #4
Hi @fantastic555,
I tried expediting the case on the basis of financial loss to individual, but my request was denied by USCIS.
Posted by Alwani18
14 Oct 2018 #5
My suggestion do not expedite base on the financial loss to company or personal. I was denied stating that they don't care i have job offer or not. as per them we are internship and doing practical training. so our request will go through normal processing.
BTW the Potomac is way to slow , first they are new staff, second all other traffic is forwarded to this station, I do not see any queue system which they reported they follow, because I saw one application file in Sept already processed. So how this happened, I find some July application approved so I ask how this no sequencing work , their reply the pull the case from Pool of application queue. So still trying to understand their way of working.
Posted by sasa5
16 Oct 2018 #6
Hey KateO,
Even I applied on July 2nd as my recieved USCIS date what is your group number?
Posted by Alwani18
16 Oct 2018 #7
my group no is YSC1890288XXX
Posted by KateO
17 Oct 2018 #8
Hey @sasa5, my group number is 280
Posted by KateO
17 Oct 2018 #9
Hey @sasa5, my group number is 280
Posted by KateO
17 Oct 2018 #10
@Alwani18, did you get your card approved?
Posted by Alwani18
17 Oct 2018 #11
No still waiting.

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