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I-765 case: Approved in 121 days (-22 days more than average)
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27 Mar 2019
28 Mar 2019
26 Jul 2019
26 Jul 2019
121 days
12 Jul 2019
27 Jul 2019

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Posted by gcseeker02
29 Jul 2019 #1
Congrats on your approval. did you try expediting the case?
Posted by Joro
29 Jul 2019 #2
Thanks. Nope i didnt expedite the case, but i made a call to uscis customer desk asking for my case update. I am not sure if this has anything to get the case approve faster, but i am thinking so. Mine got approved after one week to that call. Same happened for friend az well, called customer desk and asked abt the case delay and they said there is nothing they can do expect waiting for max 5 months, becoz no we doesnt falls under expedite category.
Try calling them and check if any luck comes to your way. Best of luck.
Posted by Akshaytomar
30 Jul 2019 #3

Could you please provide the customer care number that you called on and the options you selected. When I tries to call them the options seems not to be relevant regarding the EAD enquiry.
Posted by Joro
30 Jul 2019 #4
Its better to select the option that you have not received receipt notice / receipt number missing
But in the end you can enter your receipt number and talk to service desk
Chances are more to connect via this line
Hope this helps
Avg wait time is 15 min to 30 min
Posted by Joro
30 Jul 2019 #5
18003755283 is the customer care no
Posted by l2eadhelp
02 Aug 2019 #6
Hey Joro,

Congrats! The waiting game is no fun. I realized we have the exact filed/receipt date at VSC. Just want to understand did you file this yourself or through an attorney ? When you called in, what questions did you ask? And at the time, what type of status update did the customer rep gave you?

Posted by Joro
02 Aug 2019 #7
I filed the application myself. Mine got send to vermont service center and received date was march 28. I called customer care and said i have been waiting for my ead for more than 125 days but didnt get any status update. He said max wait time is 5 months. Since ur case has not reached 5 months of wait period. u can raise a case enquiry if not approved and max 5 months arr over. Thats it.
I dont know if they are tracking the case who has been contacted them and getting their done faster. May be.
Posted by l2eadhelp
02 Aug 2019 #8
This is great info. I am on day 127 now, I will try to call in later
Posted by Ealexis28
06 Aug 2019 #9
Did your call help?
Posted by l2eadhelp
06 Aug 2019 #10
It didn

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