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I-765 case:
not sure
08 Jul 2020
09 Jul 2020
09 Jul 2020
1406 days
14 Jul 2020
27 Jan 2021
H1,H4,EAD - RP Filed Date : 7/8/20 Receipt Date (H4,EAD) : 7/9/2020 Receipt received in mail : 7/14/20 H1B Regular approved : 9/14/20 Application withdrawn Dec2020

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Posted by sathsy
28 Jul 2020 #1
did you get your USCIS notice in a single day?
Posted by vakalapudi
28 Jul 2020 #2
From actual date of filing, i would say 9 days
Posted by vakalapudi
28 Jul 2020 #3
On july 23rd my case status changed to " Notice was returned to USCIS as post office could not deliver it". I had already received the receipt by then. I called up USCIS to know if its biometrics appointment notice. To my surprise they said my fingerprints are received on july 8, my receipt date. I have not given my biometrics at an ASC atleast since last year. However, i returned from India on june 24th and have given my fingerprints at POE. Not sure if that would suffice, or if i will have to wait for biometrics appointment.
Posted by vakalapudi
28 Jul 2020 #4
Update on my case : 28 July, called up USCIS

i-539 : Case Received. Biometrics needed. Should wait for Appointment
i-765: Fingerprints were received on July 8 (my Receipt date) -- This status is not available online, but was told by the USCIS Customer service rep
Posted by vakalapudi
09 Sep 2020 #5
Alexandria ASC biometric updates

Posted by aahwee
05 Oct 2020 #6
any updates on your case?
Posted by vakalapudi
06 Oct 2020 #7
Posted by aahwee
26 Oct 2020 #8
any updates on your case?
Posted by vakalapudi
26 Oct 2020 #9
No updates yet
Posted by July17H4EAD
26 Nov 2020 #10
Hi , Please let us know if you receive approval?
Posted by aahwee
17 Dec 2020 #11
hi, any update on your case?
Posted by vakalapudi
18 Dec 2020 #12
No update on my case. This week we have sent request for withdrawal of H4 and H4 EAD. Got my H1 approved.
Posted by kumar2021
27 Jan 2021 #13
Hi, have you received approval on your H4 and H4 EAD. Please let us know if you have received your approval by that it helps us to calculate our approximate approval time.
Posted by vakalapudi
27 Jan 2021 #14
@Kumar2021 As I have mentioned in my previous comment, I have withdrawn my applications.
Posted by kumar2021
27 Jan 2021 #15
@vakalapudi Thank you for the update.

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