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I-765 case: Approved in 204 days (-106 days more than average)
new application
National Benefits Center
29 Oct 2020
02 Nov 2020
08 Jan 2021
21 May 2021
20 May 2021
27 May 2021
204 days
12 Jan 2021
27 May 2021
Expedite Request made on 05/10/21

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Posted by speedy1
22 May 2021 #1
Posted by ymb815
24 May 2021 #2
May I know what are the reasons we can share to expedite the request?
Posted by speedy1
24 May 2021 #3
The reason I wanted to travel to India to visit my family affected by covid-19
Posted by GCUpdates
25 May 2021 #4
How to submit expedite request ? my spouse EAD extension is pending with California service center with receipt date of Nov 17, 2020. Kindly help
Posted by speedy1
25 May 2021 #5
You can do it either online with Emma (virtual assistant) goto uscis.gov or you can also call the support no. you have to state the reason for expedite request, they may or may not ask for supporting documents.
Posted by usrcdedo
25 May 2021 #6
Congratulations ! How did you expedite your request? Through Support No or Emma ?
Posted by speedy1
25 May 2021 #7
thru Emma.
Posted by rchavan
27 May 2021 #8
Can you share the number of days it took for decision on expedite approval after the expedited case was assigned to an officer. i have also applied for expedite request and currently the status is showing that my case is assigned to an officer. So just wanted to understand the time-frame. Thanks in advance.
Posted by speedy1
27 May 2021 #9
I requested for expediting the case on Monday, it was approved in approx a week and after that a week for the final case approval.
Posted by rchavan
28 May 2021 #10
thank you for your response 'speedy1'. My case just moved today. The status online said your expedite request is completed and we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, When I see the email it says the case is under review. Just need clarification is '765 under review' or 'expedited request is under review'.
Posted by manikantaj
28 May 2021 #11
How about dependents? Do we need to create a separate expedite request for dependents.

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