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I-765 case: Approved in 63 days (36 days less than average)
23 Feb 2009
23 Feb 2009
23 Feb 2009
25 Mar 2009
2 Photos
09 Apr 2009
27 Apr 2009
24 Apr 2009
01 May 2009
63 days
30 Nov -0001
04 May 2009
SLUD 2/26/09 after RFE on I485, HLUD 3/25/09 RFE on EAD, SLUD 3/26/09, HLUD 4/9/09 case resumed. SLUDs 4/10/09, 4/16/09.

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Posted by helllloca
26 Mar 2009 #1
what is the RFE about for your EAD and I485?
Posted by mik724
26 Mar 2009 #2
I haven't received the physical RFE for EAD yet.
The RFE details for I485 in my I485 profile comments.
Posted by panky5
11 Apr 2009 #3
Have you received the RFE details for EAD yet?
Posted by mik724
11 Apr 2009 #4
RFE was 2 Photos.
Posted by panky5
17 Apr 2009 #5
So did you miss the photos or were they not in proper format or were they same as you used earlier? Seems like some regulations for photos have changed??
Posted by mik724
18 Apr 2009 #6
I am pretty sure Photos were included when I applied. and I had sent a never used new Photos.
I don't know the exact reason for RFE for Photos.

Posted by panky5
23 Apr 2009 #7
Its been 2 weeks since they received your reply to RFE, with 2 photos, has it not been approved yet and only SLUD's? Arent you going to call them or take InfoPass as to whats going on?
Posted by mik724
25 Apr 2009 #8
I got CPO email today, so I guess it's will be ok now. Thanks.
Posted by karthikeyanr04
02 May 2009 #9
The RFE on EAD (for photos) usually stops 90-day period and resumes after receiving RFE reply. Please find out whether the 90-day period is reset.
Posted by pawnofgcmess
10 Jun 2009 #10
can u please tell me after how many days from the date uscis said it mailed,you got the physical RFE in the mail. TIA.
Posted by mik724
10 Jun 2009 #11
pawnofgcmess, it was about 12 days or so.

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