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I-765 case: Approved in 84 days (13 days less than average)
06 May 2010
10 May 2010
12 May 2010
29 Jul 2010
29 Jul 2010
06 Aug 2010
84 days
27 Jul 2010
11 May 2010
07 Aug 2010
3rdEAD.Filed 90days before expirtion.Opened expedite SR on76thday(financial loss due to job termination).Approved on 84th day.2 yrs validity.My Recommendation:File Rnwl 120days before expiration to avoid hassles/strs!

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Posted by vanwash
17 Jul 2010 #1
Please update your case if you already received your EAD. Thanks
Posted by sh5032001
18 Jul 2010 #2
Planning to open an SR on 76th day of filing.
Posted by sh5032001
19 Jul 2010 #3
Opened expedite service request on 76th day of filing (reason: financial loss due to job termination). Got soft-LUDs on the same day of service request. Hopefully get approval before expiration date! I will update my profile.

My recommendation:
File EAD renewal 120 days before expiration date to avoid these hassles and stress!
Posted by FrodoBaggins
19 Jul 2010 #4
can you please let us know the sequence you used to open expedite request ? There are some in this forum opened a SR for Fingerprinting instead.
Posted by sh5032001
19 Jul 2010 #5
Note: Expedite Service Request for EAD MUST be opened after 75th days of filing otherwise will be denied.

Call 800-375-5283; 1; 2; 1; receipt number, 1; 3 (this is case problem); 6; 1

Posted by FrodoBaggins
20 Jul 2010 #6
Thanks, let us know when you hear anything regarding your expedite request.
Posted by sh5032001
21 Jul 2010 #7
Update about my Expedite SR:
Two days after expedite SR (which I opened on 76th day), I received an email from USCIS:

The status of this service request is:
LIN-xx-xxx-xxxxx Documentation submitted meets the requirements for expedite processing of your application/petition. You should receive a decision within 30 days.

So, it looks like they have accepted that and I have seen a Soft LUD on my case also. Hope to get approval before expiration.

Lesson Learned:
File EAD Renewal 120 days (not 90 day) before expiration to avoid these hassles and stress.

Posted by hnha
04 Aug 2010 #8
Do you think they will accept application before 90 days?
Posted by sh5032001
04 Aug 2010 #9
To hnha,
Do you mean, when you can file? If so, you can file for EAD renewal, 120 days earlier than expiration day.
Posted by bhrt99
06 Aug 2010 #10

Can you please let us know if you had your Biometrics done?

Thanks in advance.
Posted by sh5032001
06 Aug 2010 #11
My last Fingerprint on file was more than 16 months old. My I-485 was pending at local. I e-filed EAD renewal through Nebraska. I did not get biometrics for EAD but I received biometric for my I-485 (that was about two months that I had filed EAD).

I am not sure CIS used my updated bio from I-485 for EAD or not, but I have seen so many ppl get EAD without updated bio. Another interesting think about my case was I went to interview and I got GC approved and on a same day my EAD was approved also. There is a rule that if I-485 gets approve earlier than an EAD, they stop issueing EAD but in my case EAD apprroved may be couple of hours earlier than the GC.

Both cards are on the way now!
Posted by hnha
06 Aug 2010 #12
cONGRATULATIONS !!!When did you applied for GC?
Posted by bhrt99
07 Aug 2010 #13
Thank You for sharing this informaiton.

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