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I-90 (Replace GC) case: Approved in 305 days (-101 days more than average)
03 Jun 2018
My card has expired or is about to expire
06 Jun 2018
10 Jul 2018
04 Apr 2019
305 days
01 May 2019
07 May 2019

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Posted by avis1a
01 May 2019 #1
Today, I got this
"we produced your green card and are completing final quality review"
You do not need to do anything at this time
We will mail your Green Card to the address you provided

Posted by avis1a
02 May 2019 #2
I got a tracking # and my card should be arriving tomorrow. Soo exciting!!!
Posted by Samali
04 May 2019 #3
Congratulations I still waiting for mine I applied before u I hope I get it soon
Posted by avis1a
04 May 2019 #4
I got my card yesterday! @Samali, you will get yours soon. They are taking forever.
Posted by Samali
05 May 2019 #5
I applied before you still don’t get it approved yet did you call or did inquire to get it?
Posted by avis1a
05 May 2019 #6
When I saw the letter online that my letter was produced, I called because I was not sure. And the girl gave me my tracking #. If you applied before me, I would call. They are nice on the phone and honestly, you need to know what is happening. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
Posted by Samali
05 May 2019 #7
Hi I did call they said wait
Posted by avis1a
06 May 2019 #8
I been a resident since 2006 so maybe that’s why my went through a little quicker. I think waiting is a good sign, it means nothing bad is happening other than they are taking forever. Just wait and soon you will be approved .
Posted by Samali
06 May 2019 #9
I been resident since 2004
Posted by avis1a
07 May 2019 #10
Gosh - it is annoying when then take forever, but you will be fine. Trust me!!! you will hear pretty soon. Were there any possible issues no your case?

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