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I-90 (Replace GC) case: Approved in 4 days (198 days less than average)
07 Jun 2021
My card has expired or is about to expire
11 Jun 2021
4 days
09 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021
06-07_Biometic reused. The letter said " it is not necessary for you to appear at a USCIS ASC for a biometrics appointment. " 06-11-21_Card Was produced. 06-16-21_Card was delivered.

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Posted by new_hope
15 Jun 2021 #1
Your case was approved? Congratulations. Did you submite an expedite request?
Posted by new_hope
15 Jun 2021 #2
Do you remember what time in the day the case stutus changed?
Posted by rtpboy
15 Jun 2021 #3
Case Filed on June 7 and approved on June 11th ? Approved in Just 4 days??
Posted by R504
15 Jun 2021 #4
Thank you for the comments.

online submission)
I did not use expedite request on my online application.

Case status change timing)
It seems that USCIS does not have specific time to update the status.

So far, I did not get any letters (or status description) which says "Approved".
There are two letters which I actually received ;
one is "Receipt Notice - Extension" and
the other is "Biometric Reuse".
Both were also uploaded on my case on its website.
Honestly until I physically get the renewed card, I am not sure if my case was actually approved or not. (I wonder if they did not process my case for "renew case" but "replace case".
Posted by rtpboy
15 Jun 2021 #5
Thanks . Pls keep us updated, when you get the card.

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