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Interfiling of I-485 case:
15 Aug 2004
15 Aug 2004
09 Aug 2010
10 Sep 2004
18 Aug 2010
23 Sep 2010
09 Nov 2010
29 Sep 2010
11 Nov 2010
Keeping fingers crossed for 485 approval. USCIS sent letter that my existing 485 is linked to new eb2 140. New 140 has old mid 2004 PD and same A# retained. Finally done!!!!!! :-)

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Posted by cooljat
30 Sep 2010 #1
When did you get the letter from the USCIS acknowledging that the 485 is linked to the new EB2? (Just wanted to see how long it takes to get such a letter)

Did you request USCIS to give you the status of your interfile (after you filed the interfile request)? or did they on their own respond to the interfile request?

Posted by cooljat
30 Sep 2010 #2
Can you please update the interfiling complete date? (I guess it is the date when you received the letter from the USCIS?)
Can you also tell us what exactly does the USCIS letter state?
Posted by prithvips
15 Oct 2010 #3
best of luck and once you get approved , you can provide invaluable information about 'how to port from EB3I to Eb2i"
best of luck and hopefully you will share your good news very soon , also when you get approved can you post your approval on this thread too.

this is a 28 page thread dedicated to EB3I folks , this way it will help other EB3I folks who want to port to EB2
Posted by Port4Green
20 Oct 2010 #4
cooljat no I did not request USCIS to do my interfiling. They did it automatically and when I raised a SR they sent me letter stating it was linked. I got the letter from them around mid September.
Posted by Port4Green
20 Oct 2010 #5
Sure prithvips will do as you said. thanks.
Posted by cooljat
09 Nov 2010 #6
Hey Port4Green,

Congratulations again!

Can you please update your I-485 interfiling profile when you get a chance (after you are done partying... ;-)) so that the posterity knows that the interfiling worked?
Posted by Port4Green
11 Nov 2010 #7
cooljat and prithvips...sure will do :). will be back from india in 6 weeks and hopefully i will still remember trackitt then ;) just kidding..anyways later guys..great knowing you two...god bless...cooljat i will atleast come back to check and see if you are approved by the time i come back..i am sure you will be done in a few days.

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