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15 Dec 2017
15 Dec 2017
16 Dec 2017
19 Dec 2017
20 Dec 2017
09 Jan 2018
27 Feb 2018
27 Feb 2018
02 Mar 2018
Tampa, FL
05 Mar 2018
21 Mar 2018
77 days
219 days
20 Dec 2017
21 Mar 2018
filed online Notified online that my interview letter hAS been mailed on Jan 9th

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Posted by gacor
20 Dec 2017 #1
I regret send by mine by mail. Online seems much faster!!!
Posted by protimeN400
21 Dec 2017 #2

Where is your USCIS District?

Posted by gacor
21 Dec 2017 #3
hiiiiiiiii!!!! im in NYC I sent my papaerwork to dallas tx thru USPS.
my case yesterday got routed to Harrisonburg storage center receipt prefix IOE! any thoughts?
Posted by gacor
21 Dec 2017 #4
protimeN400 I applied same date as you!
Posted by protimeN400
21 Dec 2017 #5
Hey Gacor,

Yes, we did apply at a same time!! Yeah as far as I understand Harrisonburg storage center applicant have faster processing time. Here is the link if you want to check the discussion:

Posted by gacor
21 Dec 2017 #6
I hope so I see that DACA appliacnts get faster results! are you having the same prefix IOE?
Posted by protimeN400
21 Dec 2017 #7
I don't think it will be faster than your current timeline. However, in my opinion,it is faster in general. Have you had any updates after your fingerprint?
Posted by gacor
21 Dec 2017 #8
I haven't have FP done yet. I just got a text yesterday with all this information. did you have you fingerprints done?
Posted by protimeN400
21 Dec 2017 #9
well!! I do not expect it come as faster as online filers. However, I think the processing time depends on USCIS District for that filer.
Posted by varmai
10 Jan 2018 #10
Congrats on moving to next step. How long you had to wait after biometrics?
Posted by cargl12
10 Jan 2018 #11
I did the biometrics on Dec 20th.

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