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02 Feb 2017
06 Feb 2017
07 Feb 2017
16 Feb 2017
06 Feb 2017
17 Feb 2017
28 Feb 2017
13 Nov 2017
18 Dec 2017
08 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
St. Paul, MN
349 days
535 days
10 Feb 2017
11 Jan 2018
CC chrg:2/7. txt conf: 2/10. FP txt :2/13. Inline Interview txt:4/7. Interview schld:11/8. Inline for Oath: 1/4. Oath notice mailed: 1/5. Spouse: oath mailed: 1/9, letter rcvd: 1/11, Oath 1/17.

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Posted by Naplez
16 Aug 2017 #1
Hey Eb3april06 any info on your case ? seems we are on same week of PD
Posted by eb3april06
17 Aug 2017 #2
Nope...Nothing at all
Posted by Naplez
12 Oct 2017 #3
any updates on your case and ur spouses?
Posted by eb3april06
12 Oct 2017 #4
still waiting....nothing. u?
Posted by Naplez
13 Oct 2017 #5
Nothing but hoping to something by end of month.. all December 2016 had updates for interviews. Thy are prolly going for Jan filers . Will get soon ...
Posted by eb3april06
14 Oct 2017 #6
fingers crossed
Posted by Naplez
26 Dec 2017 #7
Any updates for oath in your case status ??
Posted by eb3april06
27 Dec 2017 #8
no. how abt u?
Posted by Naplez
27 Dec 2017 #9
Posted by eb3april06
27 Dec 2017 #10
its very hard to be patient...
Posted by eb3april06
27 Dec 2017 #11
i wonder if it directly comes in mail or regular way status change followed by postal mail.
Posted by Naplez
27 Dec 2017 #12
I know right .
Posted by Naplez
08 Jan 2018 #13
Did you get the Date for your oath?
Posted by eb3april06
08 Jan 2018 #14
No, hope something comes in the mailbox today or tomorrow. Also waiting for a 2pm update on spouse's... fingers crossed.
Posted by eb3april06
09 Jan 2018 #15
Naplez: I got my date for 17th. My spouse just got directly update to notice mailed. Hope she gets the same date as mine. Yours will be update soon as well.
Posted by Naplez
09 Jan 2018 #16
Oh nice ...congratulations both of you.. I’m sure it’s on same date..
Posted by Naplez
09 Jan 2018 #17
Did she get text notification too?
Posted by eb3april06
09 Jan 2018 #18
Thanks. Yes, the text came few minutes before the email. 8:45am.
Posted by Naplez
09 Jan 2018 #19
Thanks Eb3april..
Posted by eb3april06
11 Jan 2018 #20
Naplez: my wife got the same date/time oath as mine. any update on yours?
Posted by Naplez
11 Jan 2018 #21
I told you.... good for you guys... Nothing yet for me...I am hoping to be on 24th naturalization but IDK. I didn't had congratulations u passed thing checked off at interview tho I Passed. I believe they are doing some background check again on mine as case was only recommended for approval but decision cannot be made checked off. Anyhow Congratulations both of you and i'll update asap i hear something...
Posted by eb3april06
11 Jan 2018 #22
Thanks, Naplez. You'll hear something soon.

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