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OPT case: Approved in 61 days (17 days less than average)
18 Nov 2010
23 Nov 2010
18 Jan 2011
18 Jan 2011
24 Jan 2011
61 days
04 Jan 2011
25 Jan 2011

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Posted by clj2009
09 Jan 2011 #1
Hi, any news for your opt application? thanks.
Posted by lefteye2010
09 Jan 2011 #2
Still in initial review.
Posted by clj2009
09 Jan 2011 #3
bless. i applied later than you and also still pending.
Posted by wwfriend
19 Jan 2011 #4
How did you speak to USCIS to get the case expedite? Thanks!
Posted by lefteye2010
19 Jan 2011 #5
Judt made a call to the number on your receipt.
Posted by wd369
20 Jan 2011 #6
lefteye2010, Could you please let me know how you can get your expedite request approved? My offer is dying. I only have ONE week time to wait, otherwise my offer will be withdrawed. I really really need my case been expedited. Please give me some advice. You can send it to my email: dovidong@hotmail.com. I'm a Chinese student at NYU. Thank you!
Posted by sophie03
21 Jan 2011 #7
Hi, my receipt notification date is 11/19, but it's still under initial review. I have tried call them twice to expedite, but both got denied the second day. Could you give me some advice on the phone call? Thank you so much! My e-mail address is wenyuwang6@gmail.com.
Posted by avpatil
25 Jan 2011 #8
Hi, I will be grateful to you if you could let me know how exactly you expedited your case. I tried it once by calling customer service, but it got denied the next day. My email is apatil2@uh.edu. Any help from you is greatly appreciated.. Thanks.

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