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OPT case: Approved in 63 days (15 days less than average)
21 Apr 2011
22 Apr 2011
23 Jun 2011
63 days
28 Apr 2011
23 Jun 2011

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Posted by Anirudha
19 May 2011 #1
Hey act0482,

Did you get you EAD?

I applied the same date as you and still the status is "Initial Review".

Any update, much appreciated.

Posted by act0482
19 May 2011 #2
Hi Anirudha..

I have not yet received my EAD, mine to is in intial review, I even requested for expedite process last week which got rejected.. I hope they process it fast..

Do u have a job offer in hand?

Posted by Anirudha
19 May 2011 #3
Hey act0482,

Yes, I do have a job offer in hand and that's why I am worried.

I hope it gets done quickly.

Posted by act0482
20 May 2011 #4
ya me too.. my joining date is on june 27th..
Posted by yasein
12 Jun 2011 #5
hey act0482
any update on your case? my receive data is April 26, and still initial view now ...
what about yours?
Posted by act0482
12 Jun 2011 #6
Hey yasein, I have not yet received any info. Will update if I hear something.
Posted by optbia
23 Jun 2011 #7
Congrats, My received date is like yours and still it's in initial review, my job starts on june 27th, I'm so worried... I don know what to do... :(
Posted by act0482
23 Jun 2011 #8
Thanks optbia.. My start date is also on june 27th.. i dont think I will get the card in time. The HR asked me to confirm the start date on friday.. I hope you get it approved today..
Posted by ammukher
25 Jun 2011 #9
Hi act0482,

Congrats for getting approved. I have applied on Apr 22nd but my status still shows initial review. Do you think I should also request for expedite processing... Does it help (even if the request is rejected) ? My job starts on July 1st. very anxious,

Posted by optbia
25 Jun 2011 #10
@ Amit: I have the same situation, applied on 22nd April, Still Initial review... It's so frustrating.
I requested expeditious processing twice, and both of them were rejected. :(
I don know what to do...
Posted by optbia
25 Jun 2011 #11
Do they process the requests in order of receipt number?! I was just checking some random numbers after mine, and some of them were in the card production status... I am not sure how it works!!!
Posted by maydaymayday
27 Jun 2011 #12
hey act0482,

My card was approved around the same time as yours. Would you please keep me posted if your status has changed to card mailed or you have received the physical card? Thanks a lot!

Posted by act0482
27 Jun 2011 #13
Thank you guys, i hope you get it approved soon.
@maydaymayday Today i received another receipt I-797C saying that the EAD card is not the way. My joining date was supposed to be today and it has been postponed to wednesday. Please do update me if u receive it.
Posted by jigar183
07 Jul 2011 #14
Does anybody know if the cases are approved on the basis of received date or requested date ?
Posted by optufo
07 Jul 2011 #15
It is a very sophisticated system, but basically it's based on country of origin. The darker you are, the slower they process...
Posted by priyankarao
19 Dec 2011 #16
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