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OPT case: Approved in 83 days (-5 days more than average)
27 Feb 2011
14 Mar 2011
21 May 2011
23 May 2011
31 May 2011
83 days
University of Tulsa
05 May 2011
31 May 2011
I sent my application on Feb 27 using regular mail but the receipt date showed March 14. receipt #SRC1190142***. Request for expeditie on May 17th.

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Posted by rgudis1
05 May 2011 #1
Did you check your bank account to see when was the check cashed. If you know the date on which the check was cashed then it will be very easy for you to find out when USCIS received your application.
Posted by illidanx
05 May 2011 #2

I used money order so it is really hard to check where the money order was cashed out.
Posted by illidanx
17 May 2011 #3
I requested for expedite processing of my OPT on May 17th.
Posted by illidanx
21 May 2011 #4
Thx god. The status changed from Initial Review to Card Ordered on May 21st. I haven't got the decision on my expedite request yet but it does not matter now :D
Posted by rgudis1
21 May 2011 #5
Congratulations Illidanx on receiving a decision on your petition. Good Luck !
Posted by illidanx
23 May 2011 #6
My case status updated again today. It is still card/Document Production but the date changed from May 21st to May 23rd. I hope it is a sign that the card has been sent out.
Posted by karang025
24 May 2011 #7
even..i observed the same thing....do u knw any reason why it shifted frm 21st to 23rd
Posted by illidanx
24 May 2011 #8

i can only guess. Maybe on May 21st, the card was printed and on May 23rd, the card was mailed.
Posted by illidanx
25 May 2011 #9
My case status updated today again. Now the status go back to Post Decision Activity:

On May 25, 2011, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
Posted by illidanx
31 May 2011 #10
I got my EAD card today, ending 3 months of mental torturing. The card was sent from kentucky through priority mail (tracking #4207 4112 0000 9101 9233 8400 1039 9940 03). It was missent on Saturday and delivered today (May 31st).
Posted by rgudis1
31 May 2011 #11
Illidanx, I am glad you finally got your card ! Good Luck for your job search !
Posted by rgudis1
15 Jun 2011 #12
Illidanx what start date did you request for your OPT and what start date did USCIS print on your card ? Thank you for sharing the information.
Posted by illidanx
16 Jun 2011 #13
I requested Jun 01 2011 as start date and it is the same as what USCIS printed on my card.

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