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OPT case: Approved in 99 days (-21 days more than average)
11 Oct 2012
17 Oct 2012
11 Dec 2012
coursework completion authorization from school official
19 Dec 2012
18 Jan 2013
22 Jan 2013
99 days
30 Nov 2012
22 Jan 2013
Changed status online" On January 18, 2013, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you."

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Posted by aimit
30 Nov 2012 #1
There system is not working. Did you try calling them ?
Posted by aimit
30 Nov 2012 #2
Please update your status when you get authorisation / receive your card.
Posted by aimit
03 Dec 2012 #3
hi, Did you try calling them to know your status. I am also in the same boat and getting anxious as my start date for the job is approaching ..
Please update your case as soon as you know it.
Posted by nish86
04 Dec 2012 #4

I tried calling but it was of no help. Same here my start date is approaching too. Sure will keep updating if something comes up.
Posted by newfoundhope
04 Dec 2012 #5
Same boat. Infact on the website it says " Case not found in the system" ??? Called USCIS, they say it is in the system but the system is very slow in updated. Those are Tax dollars at work. Anyways, Only two weeks remaining before the start date :(

USCIS Receive date: Oct. 15 2012
Posted by aimit
04 Dec 2012 #6
Some of the guys at this forum who were serviced by the vermont center have had there status changed.. I cannot still see my status ..Can you see yours ?
Posted by aimit
04 Dec 2012 #7
You have time .. You should get yours in a couple of days .. Its the last week for me :(
Posted by newfoundhope
04 Dec 2012 #8
Aimit , I cannot see the status as well. All the best to you as well. Remember, if your case goes longer than 90 days you can request an expedited case processing. The problem is, most of us have job offers that has a start date and the more time we lose on the start date, well the more time we have to live on "savings" if any .

Pl. keep me posted.
Posted by aimit
05 Dec 2012 #9
Got my approval today ..
Posted by teenaku
10 Dec 2012 #10
any news ? Did you get it approved ?
Posted by b5404025
13 Dec 2012 #11
any good news about online status change?

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