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OPT case: Approved in 96 days (-18 days more than average)
South Korea
09 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012
14 Dec 2012
14 Dec 2012
96 days
12 Dec 2012
15 Dec 2012
Not sure why it is taking so long.

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Posted by penpen
13 Dec 2012 #1
Hey! same here. It's been 90 days for me at the California office. Did you call them and ask what's up?
Posted by violinlove98
13 Dec 2012 #2
Yes, I did call them on the 90th day. He told me that I will be recieving a mail indicating what's going on my application. I also asked to expedite, but he told me I need to send them some documents showing the reason why I need to. What about you? Did you also call them?
Posted by penpen
13 Dec 2012 #3
I called them too and was told that a service request is being put in. I was also told that I would receive a mail with a status update. I didn't ask them about expediting it, though one would think that after taking 90 days to process our applications, they wouldn't mind prioritizing our applications but I guess not. California seems to be the slowest service center. Average in recent times seems to be about 80 days. Our cases seem to go over though.
Posted by violinlove98
13 Dec 2012 #4
I just call them again, they said that I need to wait until I receive a mail with status update and expediting the process (it would take 5 days to get the mail) and there is nothing else they can provide me at this point. :(
Posted by penpen
15 Dec 2012 #5
Hey there, congrats on the approval. Did you receive anything by mail about your earlier inquiry or did the website just change to approved status? Hopefully, mine will come through soon.
Posted by violinlove98
15 Dec 2012 #6
Hi, I didn't get any mail yet. I just checked the status online. I guess they will process yours soon. Good luck!!

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