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OPT case: Approved in 68 days (10 days less than average)
28 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
04 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013
08 Feb 2013
68 days
28 Dec 2012
08 Feb 2013

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Posted by mfnz9664
29 Jan 2013 #1
Hi Faline...I had my OPT application received a little over a week earlier than you (Nov. 16th, 2012), so I'm watching closely cases like yours...Did you get any RFE (Request for Evidence) notice on the USCIS website? I just did today. I'm also being processed thru the California Service Center and it took so long just to get an RFE notice...now waiting for it in the mail and a little tense.
Posted by Enilaf
29 Jan 2013 #2
I haven't received any response yet. Maybe it would take them one or two more weeks to even look into my application materials. One of my friend used to get RFE on the 90th day. I have already passed my start date and my expedition request ends in no response. I had hoped that the process would be quicker during winter, which turned out to be totally wrong. How I admire applicants in TSC/NSC/etc......
Posted by mfnz9664
29 Jan 2013 #3
Oh okay I see...yeah, I'm pretty sure USCIS will start updating your status by next week if not this week, as I am only a week or so earlier than you...Were you ever on CPT during your undergraduate studies?
Posted by Enilaf
29 Jan 2013 #4
No, I have never used CPT before.
Posted by kulta1234
04 Feb 2013 #5
Hi, My app was received on 19th Nov, I have been following your updates regularly as mine is also pretty close to the date as yours, mine still says initial review, have u any idea of people who have applied on 19th?
Posted by Enilaf
04 Feb 2013 #6
Hi, my case just changed from initial review to decision. All my neighbors became card production around 1/31-2/4. I know some of my friends applied 20 days before me got decision status one week earlier.
Posted by kobemd8888
04 Feb 2013 #7
Hi Enilaf, mine is still in initial review phase. However the detailed information was provided last Friday and today. They updated my address on file last Friday, and updated my I-94 number this morning. I guess it's gonna be soon to finish the process. But do you remember how many days did it take to process from updating I-94 to decision?
Posted by kulta1234
04 Feb 2013 #8
hi, i just got a message which says your alien registration number has changed, do u know what this means??
Posted by kobemd8888
04 Feb 2013 #9
kulta1234, yes i think i do. I'm sure it's gonna be soon to make a decision. basically they need you update all your info on file, including I-94 number, your current living address etc. don't know how much more info need to be updated though. anyway they are currently reviewing our cases. let's see how long it takes
Posted by Enilaf
04 Feb 2013 #10
Hi kobemd8888, I never saw when did they update my address or I94 number. And I know some cases when the status jumped from initial review directly to card production or someone received card with an initial review status. Their database is not very reliable.
Posted by kobemd8888
05 Feb 2013 #11
Hey Enilaf, sry i mislead all of you guys. The alien registration number isn't I94 admission number. It's some sort of unique IDs related to OPT. Updating this number probably means the application is approved internally. Otherwise we won't have the new number.

And all my friends, have your status updated today to approved? mine is still initial review.
Posted by DoReMi123
08 Feb 2013 #12
hey Enilaf, i have a question. how did you request for expedited processing? by calling? thanks!
Posted by Enilaf
08 Feb 2013 #13
I called them. However, when I received the card, I noticed that my case was processed just one day before I expedited my case.

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