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OPT case: Approved in 99 days (-21 days more than average)
14 Nov 2012
16 Nov 2012
02 Feb 2013
"...current SEVIS I-20 was not submitted..."
11 Feb 2013
21 Feb 2013
25 Feb 2013
27 Feb 2013
99 days
California State University - Northridge
29 Jan 2013
27 Feb 2013
Received my EAD card in the mail this afternoon! (February 27, 2013). The long wait is finally over!

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Posted by BMWZXC
01 Feb 2013 #1
Hi, have you received the RFE?
Posted by mfnz9664
01 Feb 2013 #2
Not yet! they sent it out on the 29th of January and I'm hoping it comes by Monday (February 3)...Are you waiting for your RFE notice in the mail also?
Posted by BMWZXC
02 Feb 2013 #3
Yep, I have just checked the status today and it shows REF
Posted by kulta1234
04 Feb 2013 #4
Hi, My app was received on 19th Nov, I have been following your updates regularly as mine is also pretty close to the date as yours, mine still says initial review, have u any idea of people who have applied on 19th?
Posted by BMWZXC
05 Feb 2013 #5
Hi Have you got the mail notice yet?
Posted by mfnz9664
07 Feb 2013 #6
I haven't gotten my RFE mail notice yet...I will be calling USCIS if I do not get it by next week Monday. Hopefully it did not get lost in the mail.
Posted by BMWZXC
07 Feb 2013 #7
Hi I just got my mail and it says I have submitted all the I20s. Good luck!
Posted by hkhcandy
20 Feb 2013 #8
Any update about your case?
Posted by mfnz9664
21 Feb 2013 #9
It's still lingering in "RFE Response Review." As of today (February 21, 2012), it's been about 6 days. I've noticed other cases like mine got their RFE Response Review completed in a week or so, so I hope that I will be getting an update very soon.
Posted by hkhcandy
21 Feb 2013 #10
good luck!
Posted by mfnz9664
21 Feb 2013 #11
Status went from "RFE Response Review" back to "Initial Review" (???) with the note "...your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION."

Does anyone understand what this means??? Why did I go back to initial review, and what does "your Alien Registration Number was changed" mean for me??? I'm very confused.
Posted by hkhcandy
21 Feb 2013 #12
Go back to initial? You 'd better call customer service to ask what happened
Posted by mfnz9664
21 Feb 2013 #13

I read this forum and it relieved me somewhat. Apparently it is a common process that soon transitions into a decision, sometimes in as fast as a couple of days. My DSO also said to give it some time which I will for the time being. I will update anything new!
Posted by hkhcandy
21 Feb 2013 #14
Nice! Hope I could also get my EAD soon
Posted by mfnz9664
22 Feb 2013 #15
I woke up this morning and now I'm in Card / Document Production! The forum was right, the alien registration number change is a stepping stone towards an approval. It now says to allow 30 days for the card to be mailed to me.

It took 98 days to finally get this approva via the California Service Centerl, from the date the application was received (November 16, 2012) to the Card / Document Production notice this morning (February 22. 2013). One of my DSO's told me back in November last year that this would probably only take me 60 days or so. Totally not my case! But I am grateful things turned out positively for me. I will be updating again when I get my card. Good luck to any international citizens who are reading this! I hope things work out for you!
Posted by hkhcandy
22 Feb 2013 #16
what is DSO?
Posted by mfnz9664
22 Feb 2013 #17
Designated Student Official. also known as international advisor, etc.

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