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OPT case: Pending for 4181 days (-4103 days more than average)
12 Nov 2012
15 Nov 2012
10 Apr 2013
4100 days
12 Feb 2013
13 Apr 2013
Still in Initial Review

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Posted by mfnz9664
12 Feb 2013 #1
you seem to have been waiting for a long time....no RFE notice, no updates at all from the first "Initial Review"???...
Posted by amy89
12 Mar 2013 #2
Nope.. Nothing.. I just called USCIS call center last week and inquired about the case. They told that they will get back to me in 15 days and they sent a email after 1st week saying that "The required background checks for this case remain pending. We will render a decision as soon as the background checks are complete. If you do not receive a decision within 180 days of this inquiry, please contact us." Heard that couple of other people got the same email too. Not sure what background are they exactly doing.

Has anyone came across such scenario?
Posted by amy89
12 Mar 2013 #3
Does anyone know if it is usual to get such message as a reply from USCIS? Or, Does it really mean that I would have to wait 180 more days to get a response? I am really worried. Please let me know if anyone has come across the same situation.
Posted by Mighty1
12 Mar 2013 #4
Hi I am also in the same situation. I got the same reply from USCIS, Which University you are from? What about your friends who applied with at the same time.

Couple of my friends got their EAD last month and there is one more who is also waiting like us. Some of my classmates who applied at the same time got their EADs within 90 days but they are from other centers though (Not CA).

By the way mine is OPT extension. Let’s Hope for the best :) Good luck.
Posted by amy89
12 Mar 2013 #5

20 - 25% percent of the people who applied along with me got their EAD in our University. Rest of us are waiting.

Btw, I am applying for OPT for the first time, this is not an extension.
Posted by Mighty1
12 Mar 2013 #6
Hi Amy,

which University you are from. Mine is CSUN.. I am guessing you are also from my university that is way I m asking this question.

-All the best..
Posted by rookieanil
15 Mar 2013 #7
Any update plzz. I got the same email too from USCIS after opening the Service incident. Do I have to wait for 6 months:(
Posted by Mighty1
04 Apr 2013 #8
Hi amy,

Any updates?? One of our friend got his recently he waited for 164 days...Please let us know if you got any updates..

Thank you
Posted by amy89
13 Apr 2013 #9
I have got an RFE asking for the proof of my CPT work and legal stay in California.
Posted by sj45
11 Feb 2014 #10
Hi Amy, Hi Friends.. I am in the same boat too. Applied for opt Extension March 13 2013, received rfe in Oct 2013, Rfe response submitted 40 days back... still waiting..

335 days (10 months 24 days).. In initial review. Not sure .. CA

Which Universities are you guys from? Did any of you working after 180 days of First opt exp date?

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