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OPT case: Approved in 70 days (8 days less than average)
03 Apr 2014
08 Apr 2014
12 Jun 2014
12 Jun 2014
20 Jun 2014
70 days
04 Apr 2014
22 Jun 2014
Sent to Texas via Fed Express afternoon of 3 April 2014. Texas signed for receiving from Fed Ex at 10:35 AM Friday 4 April. Texas sent me email late afternoon of Tuesday 8 April saying my case has been accepted AND ROUTED TO VERMONT. So seems my case

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Posted by agoodgirl
12 Apr 2014 #1
Got in the regular mail today the official Notice of Action, Form I-797C from the Vermont Service Center.
This is just the notice that the case has been received and is in process.

So seems when files get transferred to another service center, we lose a week or so of time for processing.

I guess the next mail I receive will either be for a RFE (hope not) or that the card is in production.

Posted by irisyuki
16 Apr 2014 #2
I had the same situation. I sent my application to Texas but got receipt from Vermont Center. Does it mean the Vermont center is in charge of our cases now?
Posted by agoodgirl
16 Apr 2014 #3
Yes, the Vermont Center is now handling your case.

The procedure is that everyone sends to either Texas or Arizona . . . and then some get rerouted to other places.
Posted by mashka
17 Apr 2014 #4
Did you file electronically? The reason i am asking is that my ISS center told me to mail a physical copy, but i still haven't received a USCIS Received Date or case number, although almost 5 days passed.
Posted by agoodgirl
17 Apr 2014 #5
No, I did not file electronically.
It is not a good idea to file electronically. If you do, then you will be called into a (perhaps) distant office where you have to go in to sign the paper document anyway.
So it just slows down your case and causes you an extra trip to somewhere.

There is the form G-1145 that you can file with the I-765.
If you file the Form G-1145, they send you an email telling that they have received your packet.
Then 2-5 days later (depending on where weekend comes) you get a paper letter telling also about the receipt of your packet.

I sent my packet via FedExpress on 3 April.
Got email telling of receipt on 8 April and letter in mail on 10 April. So 7 days before I got letter with 2 day weekend in middle.
Posted by agoodgirl
17 Apr 2014 #6
Just rechecked, didn't get letter in regular mail until Saturday, 12 April. So 9 days before I got this letter.
Posted by mashka
21 Apr 2014 #7
Thank you!
Posted by rohtas
20 May 2014 #8
Hey. Did you hear back from them ??
Posted by humming28
01 Jun 2014 #9
Hey. Is your case approve?
Posted by agoodgirl
03 Jun 2014 #10
No, I have not received approval.

Seems like I am going to be one of the 90 day persons, to make up for those who are getting approval 30-40 days !!!!!
Posted by optgirl
05 Jun 2014 #11
It will happen soon. WHen do you have to start work?
Posted by joewang
05 Jun 2014 #12
did you call for expedite?
Posted by pacific310
06 Jun 2014 #13
Even my application reached them on April 5 and awaiting approval.
Posted by joewang
06 Jun 2014 #14
the same center? VSC?
Posted by pacific310
06 Jun 2014 #15
Posted by joewang
06 Jun 2014 #16
if pacific310 did not get approved , how can I get approved? mine is 3 weeks later than you
Posted by pacific310
06 Jun 2014 #17
Depends dude. Some people that applied with me got their approval like 10-15 days back. Few people who applied 1-2 weeks after me got their approval already. My friend's documents reached there on April 1 (4 days before me) and he got approval on May1 st week itself. I thought i would get the same but still waiting.
Posted by joewang
06 Jun 2014 #18
when is your job starting?
Posted by joewang
06 Jun 2014 #19
I really can not understand how the sequence is determined.. I want to hack the algorithm that determined the order
Posted by pacific310
06 Jun 2014 #20
June 23 is my job start date and my OPT starts on June 20.
Posted by joewang
06 Jun 2014 #21
you still have much time. mine is very bad , which starts in a week
Posted by humming28
13 Jun 2014 #22
Hey congrats! I'm really happy for you.
Posted by pacific310
13 Jun 2014 #23
Congrats, I am counting 68th day today. Lets hope i get through too. When is your OPT start date?
Posted by agoodgirl
13 Jun 2014 #24
Thanks for the congratulations!

My start date is July 1st.

So everything worked out OK, even as I had to wait twice as long as some of the lucky 30 day people.

But, I know some have waited even longer than I.
Posted by pacific310
13 Jun 2014 #25
Even for me there is some change in the status, it is still in initial review but the messaged has changed to "your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I765" today. I have talked to some of my friends and they said it is kind of indication that processing of your case is complete. Lets hope things go well.
Posted by agoodgirl
19 Jun 2014 #26
I signed up on USCIS website to get updates via email.

Last email said my card had been produced on 18 June and picked up by USPS for Priority 2 day delivery.

Supposed to arrive tomorrow, 20 June 2014.

The card was produced and picked up by USPS in Corbin, Kentucky.

I didn't ask for, nor pay extra for Priority delivery, so I guess that is the standard way they send the cards.
Posted by agoodgirl
22 Jun 2014 #27
The card did arrive in the US Mail on 20 June.
I was surprised that they left it without requiring a signature.
Seems kind of risky to leave such an important document without a signature.

Also, the info I got from my university and some other things I read said that this card would NOT
be forwarded to another address, so I worried about where I might be living when it arrived.
Turns out I stayed at the same address.

But anyway, I expected the envelope to say in bold letters; DO NOT FORWARD.
However, there was no such wording on the envelope; nothing at all to that effect.
So seems to me the US Postal system would have forwarded it to any address
that I had filled out using the proper forms and procedure.

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