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OPT case: Approved in 55 days (23 days less than average)
15 Apr 2014
17 Apr 2014
09 Jun 2014
09 Jun 2014
16 Jun 2014
55 days
Bryn Mawr College
14 Apr 2014
18 Jun 2014
Pre-Completion OPT I sent my job offer letter as soon as I had one. My expedite phone request was denied.

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Posted by agoodgirl
15 Apr 2014 #1
My application got into Vermont Center around 8 April.
Hope we April applicants all get good processing times.
Posted by humming28
15 Apr 2014 #2
I hope so too. I sent my application through UPS and someone signed it. I'm still waiting to receive my receipt number. Let's hope for the best.
Posted by agoodgirl
15 Apr 2014 #3
If you sent the form for notification via email, it will come in a couple of days.
Then you will get letter via regular mail 3 or so days later. Both will contain your case number.
Posted by agoodgirl
22 Apr 2014 #4
So far, 5 of us have filed in April.
optapplicant1 April 1st, sent to Vermont.
agoodgirl filed April 3rd, sent to Vermont.
Keiiah filed April 8th, sent to Nebraska.
mashka filed April 10th, sent to Nebraska.
humming28 filed April 14th, sent to Vermont.

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Posted by humming28
22 Apr 2014 #5
Let's hope it all goes well! Good luck to all of you!! I really hope to get it before June 1st.
Posted by oxfordcomma
16 May 2014 #6
Hey humming28!

Did you go through any security clearance while getting your F-1 visa? I had to go through and I will apply to OPT soon so I was just wondering. Good luck!
Posted by humming28
16 May 2014 #7
Hey oxfordcomma,

I didn't really go through any security clearance. Good luck with your application!!
Posted by rohtas
20 May 2014 #8
Did you hear back from them ?
Posted by humming28
20 May 2014 #9
Hi Rohtas,

Not yet. I'm getting really worried since I have to have it before June 3rd :/
Posted by rohtas
28 May 2014 #10
Event though i need to have it later than you, i am worried because i received email notice on 14th april and still haven't received a decision yet :(
Posted by joewang
05 Jun 2014 #11
how did you do ? Have you let your company know?

I have a similar situation here.
Posted by humming28
05 Jun 2014 #12
I'm still on initial review. :( I am suppose to start on Monday. I e-mailed my company today but I haven't receive any response.
Posted by joewang
05 Jun 2014 #13
did you call for expedite ?

Posted by humming28
05 Jun 2014 #14
yes and got denied twice
Posted by joewang
05 Jun 2014 #15
I think your case should get approved. around 2 months now
Posted by humming28
05 Jun 2014 #16
It's hard for me to be optimistic at this point. I'm not even sure if my employer will give me a flexible starting date.
Posted by joewang
05 Jun 2014 #17
when is the job starting?
Posted by optgirl
06 Jun 2014 #18
Humming28, what dates did you request for expedite? I called last week Tuesday and when I hadn't heard back from them by Friday, I called again.That was when the customer service person said I should have received a notice the wednesday after I called. Insisted that I had received anything, so she connected me to an officer. I stayed on the line for 40minutes only for officer to tell me my expedite was denied. I checked again this past sunday and it said alien reg. number....It's good that yu called. Maybe you're next in line to hear back. Don't give up yet.
Posted by humming28
09 Jun 2014 #19
I got approved today but not card production yet. How long does it take from approval to card production? Thanks for all the support.

Optgirl, have you start work?
Posted by joewang
09 Jun 2014 #20
Posted by optgirl
09 Jun 2014 #21
Congrats, humming28!
Posted by Peivandi
18 Jun 2014 #22
Congrats! my notice date was April 17th and I am still in initial review. How much is the normal processing time?
Posted by btng
21 Jun 2014 #23
humming28....how exactly did you send them your offer? Just mail it to their address? my phone expedite request was also denied..thanks in advance!
Posted by humming28
21 Jun 2014 #24
I mailed my offer to their mailing address. I'm not sure whether mailing the offer helps but it doesn't harm to try! Good luck!
Posted by btng
22 Jun 2014 #25
ok..thank you :)

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