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OPT case: Pending for 3617 days (-3539 days more than average)
10 Apr 2014
14 Apr 2014
3318 days
15 Apr 2014
22 Apr 2014
I send my application to Phoenix, but received notice from Nebraska that it was received.

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Posted by agoodgirl
15 Apr 2014 #1
Hi Mashka,

I am from Kyiv and west area.

Good luck with your application.
Posted by mashka
16 Apr 2014 #2
Hey agoodgirl!
I am from west of Ukraine as well! :)
Thank you, best of luck to you as well!
Posted by agoodgirl
22 Apr 2014 #3
Did you get the hard copy letter in US mail telling they received your packet yet?

Oh, I just noticed you mentioned Nebraska above.
Posted by agoodgirl
22 Apr 2014 #4
So far, 5 of us have filed in April.
optapplicant1 April 1st, sent to Vermont.
agoodgirl filed April 3rd, sent to Vermont.
Keiiah filed April 8th, sent to Nebraska.
mashka filed April 10th, sent to Nebraska.
humming28 filed April 14th, sent to Vermont.

The trackitt list can be sorted by date of application filed by clicking just below "Application Filed" column.
Posted by mashka
22 Apr 2014 #5
Well, i guess only 5 of us posted our cases. I know in my Uni every day we have 5 session of OPT where about 8 students attend.
And when i requested an appointment i had to wait in line for two weeks for my appointment. Therefore although we do have stats on this website, they are not that good as represent just minority of applicants....
Wish we had more representative statistics here...
For Nebraska Service Center it shows - 3.0 Week(s) average processing time, but as February, so it is not really applicable for April.
Posted by mashka
22 Apr 2014 #6
I also checked Vermont, and it's average processing time (as of febuary 28th) is also 3 weeks...so fingers crossed it still holds true.
aGoodgirl you are one of the first in line, so hope you get it soon!
Posted by agoodgirl
22 Apr 2014 #7
Yes, I am thinking I might get approval in early to mid-May.
Busy now studying for final exams, so no time to really worry about it.
I haven't applied for any jobs yet, as I want to have OPT approved for sure before any applications.
I will get masters in STEM area, so could get 17 month extension also, if I am working for employer participating in e-verify program.
Posted by fizi
25 Apr 2014 #8
I am from purdue too. The 3 week average time is inaccurate. I am pretty sure its close to two months or more. I know people who have filed in the beginning of April and who are yet to get theirs. So thats the time frame you should be aiming for.
Posted by agoodgirl
25 Apr 2014 #9
Fizi, you can look at the total processing time shown on tracker right here. There are a few who have gotten in less than
30 days and several who have gotten in the 30-40 days range.
Of course there are some 90 + days also.
Posted by mashka
25 Apr 2014 #10
Fizi Yadav????
Posted by fizi
26 Apr 2014 #11
Yes. I am pretty famous I guess :)
Posted by mashka
26 Apr 2014 #12
Fizi :))))!!!!!! You are famous!!!
Posted by fizi
26 Apr 2014 #13
Okay who are you now. I do know a few Ukrainians so who among those are you :)
Posted by unicorns
27 Apr 2014 #14
Hi, are you able to view your case status on the USCIS website (under the "check my case status link") ? I am not able to do so. It says my case is not found. I submitted my application a couple of days after you. How long does it take for the case status to display on the website? Thanks!
Posted by agoodgirl
04 Jun 2014 #15
Mashka, have you gotten any word yet?

I wonder if they are holding up the processing for we Ukrainians for some reason!!
Posted by Drpearlywhites
27 Jun 2014 #16
Any updates?? im still waiting on mine :( its taking too long. Weve already passed my start date.

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