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OPT case: Approved in 80 days (-2 days more than average)
17 Mar 2014
17 Mar 2014
29 May 2014
03 Jun 2014
05 Jun 2014
05 Jun 2014
80 days
01 May 2014
13 Jun 2014
Card received as of 6/13/14

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Posted by kushalshah
05 Jun 2014 #1

Did you got anything like alien number change before approval? If yes how much it took after that?
Posted by redherring
05 Jun 2014 #2
no! mine directly went to card production from initial review...it says card production ordered on June 5th.
Posted by oxfordcomma
11 Jun 2014 #3
Hey redherring, did you go through administrative processing for your F-1 visa?
Posted by redherring
11 Jun 2014 #4
@oxfordcomma: I wasn't asked anything about it or my F-1 visa. It might be the reason for delay in my case though I am not sure. As of now, they have mailed me the EAD card which should be received by tomorrow.
Posted by ijor123
11 Jun 2014 #5
Hey congrats on your opt! how long after the card production day did they mail you your EAD?
Posted by redherring
11 Jun 2014 #6
@ijor123: Thank you very much =) It took about 4 working days to mail them. Once mailed on a priority 2-day mail I was able to track at USPS tracking.
Posted by ijor123
12 Jun 2014 #7
do they always send it on priority mail? if not how did you get them to send it on priority mail?
Posted by redherring
12 Jun 2014 #8
During the time I had to send in my offer letter and request letter (for proof of expedite request), I let them know that the job start date (also my initial OPT start date) was already past. I was also able to convince my employer to modify the offer letter accordingly that they have extended my offer with a new start date and they will not be able to do that anymore. I guess it worked for me. Infact, I got a mail from USCIS acknowledging my needs on a priority basis. Might be the reason why they sent EAD card on a priority 2-day mail. From what I gathered, people at USCIS are reasonable persons if one is able to properly present his/her requirements. =)

I am not sure whether they always do on a priority mail.
Posted by ijor123
12 Jun 2014 #9
yeah my start date was supposed to be on the 9th and i sent an email to expedite the process but all i received was an email a few days after saying that my case was put on hold until they received security checks. my new start date is on the 23rd... and my opt just got approved tuesday... do you think I should call again or wait it out? my company can't move my start date again :/
Posted by kushalshah
21 Jun 2014 #10

I expedite my processing giving financial loss as the reason as they asked for supporting documents. Can tell me what should I submit. And if possible can you please provide me with the sample letter which you sent. My mail id [email protected].

Thank you for your help.

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